Origin: Austria
Genre: Epic Metal Melodic Death Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Heathen Foray, the Austrian epic melodic heathen death metal band from Graz, has just released its 3rd full-length album, entitled “Inner Force“. Formed in 2005, Heathen Foray released the demo “Forest” in 2007 and then they signed a deal with the German label Black Bards. With their new label they released their first two full-length albums, “The Passage” in 2009 and “Armored Bards” in 2010. For their new work the band decided to go independently without any label behind them and “Inner Force” was finally self-released on September 2013.

Inner Force” includes 9 songs and it lasts for over 45 minutes. Heathen Foray play technical melodic metal clearly influenced by epic death metal and epic power metal. Their music is based on their wonderful guitars and their sound is very full, without any help from synths. Epic powerful riffs, melodic lead guitars and many amazing technical solos make this by far the most professional and well produced work of the band. I really enjoyed their more melodic songs, but there are also some more rhythmic death metal based songs that I find less interesting. Their vocals remain always in the brutal side and Robert Schroll’s voice has the typical epic death metal color, being both aggressive and melodic, following the mood of each song. Their music moves mostly in mid-tempo, but it has several changes in rhythm, with faster outbreaks and some slower parts. They use both German and English lyrics and even if they deal with various topics, they all speak about different aspects of our personal inner force.

Heathen Foray’s return 3 years after their previous work will most probably satisfy all of their fans. Their great sound and the overall improvement in technical skills can also make more people interested in their music. Since it is a self-released album, you better visit the band’s official pages below and contact them directly if interested in buying their album. “Inner Force” is released in a standard jewel-case edition CD with 8-page booklet, including all lyrics. Cover artwork is illustrated by Fabrizio De Rossi, while photography and graphic design is by Sonja Breiteneder.


Rating:  (8/10)

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