PIMEÄ METSÄ reveal debut album details

PIMEA METSA - Legacy of the Heathen North

Viking folk metallers Pimeä Metsä from Madrid, Spain have announced the release of their debut album “Legacy of the Heathen North” on the beginning of November 2013. The band has revealed the album artwork, tracklist and a short trailer you can watch below. Pimeä Metsä  (“Dark Forest” in Finnish) began on a 2006 December’s night in Madrid by a group of friends who shared the idea of founding a northern Viking folk metal band. After many line-up changes and additions, the band grew up musically and made its debut show on 23rd January 2009 in Silikona (Madrid) for more than 170 people. Several weeks of hard working, gigs and rivers of beer passed, before the clan decide to record its first demo “Beneath the Northern Lights” on February 2010. The band grew in popularity and was given the chance to share stage with big bands like Kathaarsys (May 2011), Arkona (June 2011, in their first visit to Spain), Korpiklaani and Trollfest (April 2012) or Northland and Ravenblood (January 2013). With a name that was known increasingly and the support of their families, friends, and fans, they decided to record their first self-produced album “Legacy of the Heathen North” at New Life Studios, in Madrid. Previous weeks of homeworking and hours of practice finished on March, 4th of 2013 with the first drums recording sessions on the studio, with José Garrido and Daniel Melián as co-producers and recording engineers.

1. Utgard Threat (intro)
2. Warmarch of the Jotuns
3. The Wolves’ Rebellion
4. Varangian Odyssey
5. Stormy Night
6. Kaamos
7. Jörmungandr
8. Journey of Sleipnir Scions
9. Olut
10. Anthems of Conquest
11. Pimeä Metsä

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