NÚMENOR – Colossal Darkness

NUMENOR - Colossal Darkness

Origin: Serbia
Genre: Epic Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Stygian Crypt Productions
Year: 2013

Finally, after many delays, the debut full-length album of this Serbian epic symphonic blackened metal band is out. Luckily it was worth the wait! Númenor were formed in 2009 by Despot Marko Miranović after the split-up of his previous band Esgaroth. Despot is also founder and editor in chief of Metal Sound webzine, TV & Radio Show. Since their creation, Númenor have released 3 EPs, 3 singles and 2 split albums! Their debut album “Colossal Darkness” was complete since 2012, but it was on August 2013 that it was finally released via the Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions.       

Despot is the only remaining member of the initial line-up and several songs of the previous EPs were from an older era of the band. “Colossal Darkness” is the first actual work of the band, or at least I hope so, because it is so much better than their previous works. Furthermore, all their songs are now composed by their new keyboardist Vladimir Djedovic, something that affected their music style. Their previous works were much more influenced by Summoning, but their new album has a more epic battle approach, closer to Bal-Sagoth! They play epic bombastic fantasy blackened metal, where guitars and synths have equal roles in the compositions. Epic riffs prepare the ground for their battle symphonic keys, creating a very majestic atmosphere. Their melodies are very catchy and they also grow better and better each time you listen to them. Despot’s vocals are great battle black metal screams, while Gordan Lazica’s guest epic clean male vocals, heard in 3 songs, including the opening masterpiece “The Eternal Champion“, add even more depth and variety in their music. “Colossal Darkness” includes totally 8 songs with a total duration of only 35 minutes that makes you wanna listen to it again and again repeatedly… Their lyrics are in English, all included in the CD booklet, based on fantasy literature and writers like Michael Moorcock, J.J.R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard.

I don’t think there are many more words to say about this release. Númenor have surprised me very pleasantly with their improvement, both in terms of music and production. Their sound still needs improvement of course (symphonic genre is very demanding in my opinion), but their early efforts seem almost amateur compared to this one. All instruments and vocals sound very clear and totally balanced and their playing is much more technical. If you are into epic symphonic battle metal you can’t miss them. At least you can visit their official pages and give them a listen. “Colossal Darkness” is released by Stygian Crypt Productions in standard jewel-case edition with a 16-page booklet illustrated by Raven Dark. The band is already working on its second full-length…


Rating:  (9/10)

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