TROLLWAR unveil debut album details and teaser

TROLLWAR - Earthdawn Groves

Canadian folk metal band Trollwar from Québec has just shared a teaser video for its upcoming debut album called “Earthdawn Groves“.  The album is self-released and it is available digitally on their Bandcamp page. It will also be released on physical CD, together with T-shirts, hoodies and girly tanktops on December 1st 2013. The pre-orders will start on November 1st and the shipping will start on December 1st! TrollWar were formed in 2011 and the same year they released the EP “Bloodshed Forges“. Their debut full-length was recorded, mastered and mixed by Jean-Sylvain Tardif and Stéphane Dufour at EmPhase Studio. TrollWar have revealed the cover artwork by Nicolas Francoeur (Vorace Art). The booklet artwork is by E. Sanchez. Below you can see “Earthdawn Groves” tracklist and album trailer.

1. Prologue
2. A Tale of Greed                  
3. Trollheimen
4. Book of the Damned
5. Set Sail to the North
6. Trollka
7. Earthdawn Groves
8. A Hymn for the Vanquished
9. The Fallen
10. Epilogue (Frozen land)
11. Earthdawn Groves (bonus acoustic track)

WöX the Rogue Assassin  – guitars
Holrägh the Berseker – guitars
Poignar Bartoss the Undead – bass
Pâj’hō the Shaman – keyboards
Exodiüs the Blacksmith – drums
Värgal the Storyteller – vocals
Trolläthan the Old Bard – accordion

TrollWar @ Facebook
TrollWar @ Twitter
TrollWar @ MySpace
TrollWar @ Bandcamp


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