Origin: Germany
Genre: Folk Extreme Metal Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

German folk metallers Kultasiipi return with their new full-length album “Matkalla“, four years after their debut work. This folk metal band from Berlin was formed in 2006 by Finna and Svana, who were both addicted to Scandinavian metal. What is interesting about this German band is their love for Finland, since their music is influenced by old Finnish folk songs and their lyrics are in Finnish! Their debut album “Metsola” was out in 2009 and now on October 11th 2013, they self-released their second album “Matkalla“.   

Matkalla” contains 17 tracks totally, but 9 of them last each less than one minute, since they are intros or interludes, exactly like their debut album. So actually there are 8 full songs, with a total duration just a little over 42 minutes. The base of their music is for sure folk metal, but Kultasiipi borrow elements from various other musical styles, ranging from folk humppa music, to hard rock, doom and even black metal. The same variety is also apparent to their vocal styles, where they use both female and male vocals, moving between rock, folk metal, brutal screaming vocals and epic or folk choirs. Despite the various influences, the band has built a quite solid sound, without flying from one genre to the other. You can definitely recognize the Finnish folk metal touches in their sound, but they don’t sound like the typical band of the genre, since their German origin has also influenced their music. They use several traditional instruments, including flutes, harp, and the characteristic kantele from Finland, all of them played by their new female mezzo-soprano singer Kirsikka Kukka. Kultasiipi definitely  have a distinctive sound and a unique personality as a band, something very important. Their sound is heavier and more “Finnish” than the debut album for sure. I think though that the band still needs to improve its production and have a better “filter” in the songwriting, since there are some great moments in the album, but some indifferent parts too. “Matkalla” is a concept album with lyrics mostly in Finnish (there are some German lyrics too) describing the journey of a fictional protagonist in a funny fantasy world, mixed with Finnish mythology.

If you like folk metal epic, serious, melancholic and at the same time funny and jolly, then Kultasiipi is a band you could check. Both of their albums “Metsola” and “Matkalla” are self-released by the band and they both move in the same style. “Matkalla” comes in a standard jewel-case edition CD with 12-page booklet, including the lyrics and beautiful nature photography. The cover artwork is by Sandra Bartocha, while most inner photos are by the band members. For more info and sound samples you better visit their official pages below.


Rating:  (8/10)

Kultasiipi @ Facebook


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