TROLL BENDS FIR reveal new album details


Russian beer folk metal band Тролль Гнёт Ель (Troll Bends Fir) has announced the release of their new album “Хмельное Сердце / Hopheart“. It is the sixth full-length album by the band and it will be released on November 15th 2013 by SoundAge Productions. Troll Bends Fir continue on their personal characteristic beer folk style, but what differs this album from their previous works is its really diverse material. Here you’ll find a metal ballad, a song in German in the style of traditional drinking songs and even a kind of ethno song. They have revealed the tracklist of “Хмельное Сердце / Hopheart” and the wonderful cover artwork made by the Russian interior designer Alexandr Melentiev.

1. Балалайка / Balalaika
2. Тролль Во Мху / Troll in the Moss                            
3. День Св.Патрика / St.Patrick’s Day
4. Первый Металлист / First Metalsmith
5. Чёртова Бутыль / Damned Bottle Hopheart
6. Что Совой Об Пень, Что Пнем ОБ Сову! / Hitting an Owl with a Stump is the Same as Hitting a Stump with an Owl
7. Воин Пятницы / Friday Warrior
8. Круг Земной / Earth Circle
9. Bierleichen / Пивом убиенные
10. Хмельное Сердце / Hopheart

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