NETHERFELL – Okryte Zapomnieniem (EP)

NETHERFELL - Okryte Zapomnieniem

Origin: Poland
Genre: Folk Metal Melodic Death Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Netherfell is a Polish folk metal band from Krakow. They were formed in 2008, but their live activity started 2 years later. There were many line-up changes all these years, something that limited their options for gigs and prevented them from recording their songs. This stopped in 2013, since the band with a 4-member line-up started recording its debut demo EP. In the process two more members joined them, so they are are now a 6-piece band. On June 2013 their debut EP “Okryte Zapomnieniem” was finally out, self-released by the band.     

This EP contains 4 tracks, including a short instrumental intro and its total duration is less than 14 minutes, so we only get a very brief first taste of the band’s sound. Luckily enough their music is very good, leaving many promises for the future! Netherfell combine traditional music, with folk metal and melodic death metal in a very tight and interesting result. They have solid heavy guitars influenced by technical melodic death metal, but it’s the folk elements that dominate their sound. Not only their compositions follow traditional folk tunes, but they also use many acoustic instruments that give a unique authentic folk touch in their music. Except for violins and acoustic guitars, they also play tin whistles, recorders, balalaika, bagpipes, bodhran and novogrodian gusli in this album! They all seem really skilled musicians, adding all these unusual and very natural sounding instruments in their compositions in a remarkable balance with the metal orchestrations. They combine death metal growls with clean male vocals, choirs and Adrianna’s beautiful female vocals, being once again very good in every style. They have a very professional sound and a surprisingly good production, much better than many “official” full-length albums of this genre. Two of their songs have lyrics in Polish, while the last one “Fire of Demise” is in English. Their lyrics deal with folklore, history, mythology and fantasy.

Okryte Zapomnieniem” is a really promising demo EP, with three great songs, each one with its own identity and character, but all of them under a common style and atmosphere. If they could keep this diversity and high level in a full album, my rating would be much higher! You can check also the amazing video they made for the third song of the EP “Mokosz“. Netherfell self-released this demo in a standard jewel-case CD with 2-page booklet, including the video-clip. You can find more info and sound samples in their official pages below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Netherfell @ Facebook
Netherfell @ MySpace


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