NETRA official video for “Crawling” and new EP

New official video from netra, this unique personal project of Steven Le Moan from France. It is for the song “Crawling” taken from their 2012 album “Sørbyen” released by Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Producer, director of photography, editor and actor: Jason Caridi.

Fans of netra should also note that on November 15th 2013, a new collaborative EP with We`rewolves will be released for free download on the Hypnotic Dirge Bandcamp page. The EP will feature three new songs and will surely appeal to as many as it will confuse and be dismissed by. This is a bit of an outlier in netra`s discography but those with a wide musical spectrum will likely appreciate this very much so.

NETRA feat WE'REWOLVES - Dreading Consiousness

Netra @ Facebook
Netra @ Myspace
Netra @ Hypnotic Dirge Records


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