ELDENSKY – From Forgotten Pagan Realms

ELDENSKY - From Forgotten Pagan Realms

Origin: Canada
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Acoustic
Label: Sounds of the Land Records
Year: 2011

Eldensky is the personal project of Beren Tol Galen from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Beren Tol Galen (also in Canadian epic black metallers Maglor) formed Eldensky in the beginning of 2007. The same year the band released the instrumental demo “Elder Tales” under Beren Tol Galen’s own label, Sounds of the Land Records. He kept on working and developing his band’s sound and finally in 2011 he released the debut full-length album “From Forgotten Pagan Realms” again via his own label.    

From Forgotten Pagan Realms” is a very versatile album that includes 9 songs with a total duration a little over 34 minutes. Five of the songs are instrumental, with four of them being totally acoustic. These four tracks include acoustic guitars, flutes, keys, ambient elements and many natural sounds, like water, birds, etc. Most of them are short, serving as interludes between the “main” compositions, except for the outro “Light Fades” that lasts for almost 5 minutes. These acoustic songs are very atmospheric and in my opinion they are the best part of the album! The other instrumental song, entitled “Unconquered“, is an epic metal song with nice melodic distorted guitars and acoustic passages, closer to the style of the demo album. The 4 main songs include vocals and can be described as epic “blackened” metal. They are based on epic riffs, melodic lead guitar lines and extreme black metal screaming vocals, enriched by ambient and folk acoustic elements. Their production is at a quite good level and their sound has a somehow underground aesthetic. All lyrics are in English, deeply influenced by nature, folklore, mythology and epic themes.

This album is not new, but I only recently discovered the band. Eldensky explore various genres in their debut full-length and most of them are very interesting. I think they are better in the acoustic parts than in the metal songs, at least for my taste, and I’d like to see them combining all their influences inside each composition, rather than separating them in different songs… “From Forgotten Pagan Realms” is released in jewel case edition with a black & white 6-page folded booklet, printed on 100% recycled board-stock with vegetable based inks. Album artwork and Eldensky logo are designed by Kogaion Art. Visit the links to their official pages below, where you can listen to their music and find more info about the band.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

Eldensky @ Facebook
Eldensky @ Twitter
Eldensky @ Bandcamp


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