SUS SCROFA will re-issue 1991 demo

SUS SCROFA - Dins Ech Cel d'Asteartia

French pagan black metallers Sus Scrofa’s demo album “Dins Ech Cel d’Asteartia” will be re-released in 2014, 23 years after its first press! Founded in 1989, Sus Scrofa is the first French pagan metal. Emerging from the Pyrenees, they call their music Pyrenean pagan metal to honor their powerful and mystical mountains. The band recorded its first demo/rehearsal in 1990 called “De Paganus” that was never published. In 1991 they released the demo tape “Dins Ech Cel d’Asteartia“, selling more than 600 copies over the world. Mixing early 90′s black metal, metal and folkloric influences, the demo is considered as a typical dark pagan metal piece. The group splits in 1993 and one year later 2 of its members, Fagus and Aherbelste, founded Stille Volk.

1. Dins Ech Cel d’Astarte (10:07)
2. Senher Akerbeltz (06:34)                 
3. Pagan Sacrum Facere (04:41)
4. Ode a Pyrène (02:2Smilie: 8)
5. Isturitz, Darrie Cant de la Flauta Fadarela (12:09)

Aghéion – voice
Fagus – guitars, vocals
Aherbelste – percussion, drums

Sus Scrofa official page
Sus Scrofa @ Bandcamp


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