DISMAL – Giostra di Vapore

DISMAL - Giostra di Vapore

Origin: Italy
Genre: Experimental Gothic Metal Neoclassical
Label: Aural Music DreamCell 11 Entertainment
Year: 2013

Dismal – the Waltz of Mind is an Italian Gothic experimental alternative band that will release its new masterpiece “Giostra di Vapore” on December 9th, 2013 via DreamCell 11 Entertainment, an Aural Music sub-label. Dismal were formed back in 1995 and this is their 4th full-length album so far. In its first steps, the band had a Gothic metal approach with extreme metal elements, but gradually the metal elements were removed. And while in my opinion most bands lose something when they de-metalize their music, in Dismal’s case things are totally different. Not only they are not affected in a negative way, on the contrary they have raised the level of their music incredibly high, almost touching perfection. 

Giostra di Vapore” is a very difficult album to describe with words. They combine many different music styles, many of which I’m not familiar with, and the final result is so unique and unusual that is impossible to find any references. Of course this originality is something very positive for the band, especially since their music is enchanting! Dismal are fusing classical and neoclassical music with modern contemporary electronic music, trying to create Victorian steampunk atmospheres (a term that I didn’t know before, but after searching about it I see it can describe their atmosphere very good). Rossana Landi does an incredible work in the lead female vocals, with her theatrical, aethereal, expressive and soulful singing. Her magical beautiful voice moves easily between different vocal styles, adding various colors to their music, following the needs of their unique compositions. She is one of the most basic reasons for the perfection of this album and she is also the one wrote the lyrics!

Their experimental music is deeply emotional, and this marriage of classical orchestrations with electronic sounds results in a surreal, breathtaking atmosphere, where past, present and future are one! Silent parts with unusual ambient background sounds are interrupted by the entrance of a classical instrument, like a violin, a piano, a contra-bass… All is temporary and change unpredictably; an eerie choir or a Gothic chant with electronic beat can evolve to dream pop, trip hop, orchestral soundtrack-like music, waltz, tango, musical or contemporary opera! A few distorted guitars here and there is the only connection with their distant metal past. You can’t tell what is coming next, but you don’t care, since the hypnotizing beauty of their music overwhelms you. Everything moves on a very fragile balance, so skillfully kept in their compositions. “Giostra di Vapore” includes 8 amazing songs, lasting a little over 50 minutes. All music is written by their mastermind and founding member Bradac, who also conceived the concept of the album. Lyrics are written in many languages, including English, French, Italian and German, dealing with spiritual themes.

I am really impressed by this album. Dismal exceeded all my expectations and I totally recommend this work to those who want to listen to something experimental, melodic and surreal, under the general banner of Gothic alternative new wave music. I usually appreciate such experiments in music, admiring the technical dexterity and high composing skills these works demand. What separates Dismal though, is that their music is very melodic and not just unusual and bizarre. It is one of the most atmospheric and qualitative works this year for me. “Giostra di Vapore” will be released by DreamCell 11 Entertainment in a digipak edition with 12-page booklet, including all lyrics and the wonderful artwork of Giuseppe Ferrillo, who tried to transfer the atmosphere of the album in his illustrations. The band will release a video clip for the album in 2014. Until then, you can visit their official pages to get a first idea of their music.


Rating:  (10/10)

Dismal official page
Dismal @ Facebook


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