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HILDR VALKYRIE unveil upcoming album details

HILDR VALKYRIE - Revealing the Heathen Sun

Hildr Valkyrie, the one-woman heathen metal band from Athens, Greece will release its second full-length album “Revealing the Heathen Sun“on November 3rd, 2017. The band has unveiled the cover artwork made by SET Inside (Russia) and its new logo made by Bob Gys from Belgium! “Revealing the Heathen Sun” has been reamped-mixed and mastered at WSL-Studio (France) and it will be released by the Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions. The upcoming album will be out 9 Read more…

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AKHENATEN unveil first details of upcoming album

AKHENATEN - Golden Serpent God

Mesopotamian blackened death metallers Akhenaten from Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA are excited to unveil the first details of their new album, entitled “Golden Serpent God“. It is the second full-length album of the band, after 2015′s “Incantations Through the Gates of Irkalla“, an album that got very positive feedback. Akhenaten is the personal project of brothers Jerred and S. Wyatt Houseman, who were both members of Execration (brutal death metal) and are also currently together in Read more…

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NAERAMARTH released debut album

NAERAMARTH - The Innumerable Stars

American atmospheric progressive metal band Naeramarth, the personal project of  Gage Love from Salt Lake City, Utah has recently released its debut full-length album “The Innumerable Stars“, an amazing work that takes the listener on a progressive voyage of discovery. Rooted in the sonic soil of Mellotron-drenched progressive rock and metal acts like Leprous, Opeth, and Katatonia, Naeramarth explores a variety of progressive spheres. From the frigid and earthy lands of progressive black metal (Ihsahn, Enslaved), to the Read more…

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GREAT VAST FOREST new album out soon

GREAT VAST FOREST - From the Dark Times to the Black Metal Legions

Brazilian black metallers Great Vast Forest will release their new album “From the Dark Times to the Black Metal Legions” on October 31st, via by Brazil’s Mutilation Records. It is the second full-legth album of one of the important and most extreme names of the Brazilian cult black metal scene, a band formed back in 1995. The new opus follows the musical and ideological line already consecrated by the same, but, more extreme. There are 10 tracks of Read more…

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FRAGARAK new album details unveiled

FRAGARAK - A Spectral Oblivion - cover

Indian experimental extreme / death metal band Fragarak from New Delhi will release its sophomore full-length album “A Spectral Oblivion” on October 30, 2017 via Transcending Obscurity (India). Fragarak have come up with an album of epic proportions. Featuring Louis Rando of Impiety on drums, they’ve fabricated elaborate songs that are both atmospheric and suspenseful. Their first album was groundbreaking in its vision, but with “A Spectral Oblivion” they’ve truly proved their worth. This is a Read more…

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E-AN-NA official video for “Epitaf”

Romanian folk metallers E-an-na present the official music video for their new single “Epitaf“, released on October 28th, 2017.

E-an-na @ Facebook
E-an-na @ Twitter
E-an-na @ Bandcamp Read more…

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CLAIM THE THRONE official video for “Spirit of Fire”

Folk melodic death metal band Claim the Throne from Perth, Australia launched its new official music video for the song “Spirit of Fire” taken from the recently released 5th full-length album “On Desolate Plains”.

Claim the Throne official page
Claim the Throne @ Facebook
Claim the Throne @ Twitter
Claim the Throne @ Bandcamp Read more…

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DALRIADA unveil upcoming album details

DALRIADA - Nyaruto

Hungarian folk metallers Dalriada from Sopron reveal the first details of their upcoming 8th full-length album, entitled “Nyárutó“, scheduled for release in early 2018 by Nail Records. Album title refers to the folkish name of the month August – following the traditions as every Dalriada album dedicated to a month in line. One unified, ambitious, in terms of its musical keys something similar to the previous records’ vehement wildness album was born, which is still deeply interlaced by Read more…

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