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HESPERIA official video for “De Bello Italico I”

Epic Italian metal band Hesperia has launched the official video for the song “De Bello Italico I“, taken from its 5th full-length album “Metallum Italicum – Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis Pars IV“, released on January the 30th 2015 by Sleaszy Rider Records.

Hesperia official page
Hesperia @ Facebook                  Read more…

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VAPOR HIEMIS unveil upcoming album details

VAPOR HIEMIS - Black Winter Tracery

Belarusian atmospheric techno EBM black metal band Vapor Hiemis has announced the release date of its second full-length album entitled “Чорны Арнамент Зімы“, which translates to “Black Winter Tracery“. Like their debut, the new album will be published by Der Schwarze Tod / Autodafe and its official release date is set for June 20th, 2015. The band promises more innovations in their music, with more traditional folk elements than before and a great combination of clean Read more…

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ALKONOST unveil new LP details

ALKONOST - Tales of Wanderings

Russian epic folk metallers Alkonost have announced their first vinyl release ever, entitled “Tales of Wanderings“. It is the English version of band’s 2013 album “Сказки Странствий” and will be released on August 20, 2015 by Beverina Productions, the same label that published the first Alkonost album as tape release, back in 2000…  “Tales of Wanderings” is not just a re-issue of the original album with translated tracklist and English notes. This album is Read more…

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ALDA reveal upcoming album details

ALDA - Passage

American black “folk” metal band Alda from Eatonville, Washington will release its third full-length album “Passage” by Bindrune Recordings on July 1st, 2015. This initial pressing will be on digipak CD, while the LP version will come later this year. “Passage” is such a fitting title for this opus, because the material finds Alda further strengthening their bonds as musicians and honing their style into an even more earthen and evolved fusion of black styled metal Read more…

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TIVAZ – Under Nordic Stars

TIVAZ - Under Nordic Stars

Tivaz is a dark ambient / atmospheric epic black metal project from Moscow, Russia. There is not much info about the band’s bio or line-up, but they have already released 3 full-length albums since 2010. “Under Nordic Stars” is the second full-length album for Tivaz and it is also their first work ever that came out in physical format. It was released in CD edition via the American label Razed Soul Productions in July 2014. In May 2015 Read more…

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ISTAPP reveal upcoming album details

ISTAPP - Frostbiten

True Blekingsk black metal band Istapp from Sweden has just revealed the cover artwork, tracklist and the date of its upcoming full-length album “Frostbiten“, which will be released by TrollZorn Records on August 7th 2015. Once, planet earth was covered in snow, ice and glaciers. Then the foul solar depending creatures swarmed the earth with its repulsive existence. Now it is time to reverse the process and recreate Snowball Earth. Istapp finally presents an antidote for the sun Read more…

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SOJOURNER release debut single

SOJOURNER - Heritage of the Natural Realm

Sojourner is a new epic atmospheric black metal band from Dunedin, New Zealand and Malmö, Sweden. It is the joining of musicians that share the same passion for the atmospheres and beauty of black metal, folk music, nature, and fantasy. Sojourner were formed in the beginning of 2015 by Emilio (also vocals in Nangilima), Mike L. (also guitarist & composer of Lysithea) and Chloe. “Heritage of the Natural Realm” is their debut single from their as-yet-untitled upcoming album. Read more…

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CREPUSCLE – Draconian Winter

CREPUSCLE - Draconian Winter

American epic melodic death metallers Crepuscle from Redwood City, California have recently released their debut full-length album. The band was formed in 2006 under the name Draconian Winter and released the demo EP “Silent Reverie” in 2007. After several line-up changes and music experimentation, they decided to give a new name to the project, thus Crepuscle was born. They began recording their debut album since 2010 and they managed to self-release it only four years later, in August Read more…

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