NÚMENOR interview

Epic symphonic fantasy blackened metallers Númenor from Serbia have released last year their debut full-length album “Colossal Darkness”. The band was born in 2009 and had released various EPs, before their official debut, some of them including older material. Their founding member Despot Marko Miranović will help us found more about this great band.

Numenor logo

- Hello Marko. Congratulations for your great debut. Númenor were formed back in 2009, risen from the ashes of the band Esgaroth. Since you are the Read more…

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Epic pagan Viking black metallers Black Messiah from Germany are back with their new masterpiece “Heimweh”. It is their sixth full-length album, released on the end of November 2013 by AFM Records again. Their founding member and mastermind Zagan is willing to answer our questions about the new work and the band in general.

Black Messiah logo

- Hello Zagan. It’s an honor having this interview with you, since I like your music very much! Black Messiah have just released their Read more…

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ITHILIEN interview

Belgian epic folk black death metallers Ithilien have recently released their debut album “From Ashes to the Frozen Land”. The band is already 9 years old, but since this is only their first full-length album, they are still quite unknown. So the time was perfect to ask their signer, guitarist and founding member Pierre Ithilien everything about this very promising band.

Ithilien logo

- Hello Pierre. Thank you very much for your time to make this interview. Ithilien is a new band, Read more…

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German black metallers Cryptic Forest have recently released their debut full-length album “Ystyr”. They are not a new band though, since their first steps were back in 2003 as a one man band. Very slowly they got a complete line-up, consisting of many members from the epic folk black metal band Finsterforst. Their first work was the self released EP “Dawn of the Eclipse” in 2011 and after that they signed to Einheit Produktionen to release their full-length Read more…

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IZMOROZ interview

Folk pagan humorous black metallers Изморозь (Izmoroz) from Russia are soon going to release their newest album “Ктулху” (Cthulhu). This mysterious band was formed in 2006, but it has already released 7 full-length albums! I always liked their musical style, but I know only few things about them. Finally the time has come to learn more about Izmoroz from their singer, bassist and founding member Belf.

Izmoroz logo Ice- Hello Belf. It’s a great honor having this interview with you. Read more…

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BIFRÖST interview

The new work of the Austrian pagan folk metal band Bifröst is just released. The band was formed in 2005 and “Tor in Eine Neue Welt” is their third full-length album so far. I find it for sure their most complete and mature work ever, much better than both previous albums. So the time was perfect to contact Ragnar and see what he believes about this new album and ask him everything about the band.

Bifrost logo

- Hello. First Read more…

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DIABULA RASA interview

Diabula Rasa logo

Diabula Rasa is a very interesting folk metal band from Italy. Even if they were born many years ago, their new work “Ars MedioHeavy” is actually like the debut of the band since it’s their first “metal” work. Let’s see what Luca Veroli, founding member and leader of Diabula Rasa, has to say about his wonderful band.

- Hello Luca. It’s a honor to have this interview with you and thank you in advance for your time. Would Read more…

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CALADMOR interview

Swiss epic folk metallers Caladmor have recently self-released their new album “Of Stones and Stars”. They are currently playing in many gigs to promote their music, so it is the perfect time to ask Babs (female vocals) and Maede (drums, vocals, synths) everything about their great album and their future plans.

Caladmor - Logo

- Hello Babs and Maede. Thank you for you time to have this interview. I really liked your new album very much. I’d like to ask you Read more…

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