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AHERUSIA reveal 5th studio album details and new song

Aherusia - Bacchus - Epiphanies of the Crazy God

Greek folk / post black metal band Aherusia returns with its 5th studio album titled “Bacchus~Epiphanies of the Crazy God“, scheduled for release on December 3rd 2022 via “Bacchous ~Epiphanies of the Crazy God” is a journeying, sorrowful, reverent, fearless and revolutionary work. Loyal to their folk metal/post black pursuits, Aherusia create, based in musical paths and ways found in the Near East. Musical motifs of Greek folk music also appear in the material to Read more…

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DAEMONIA NYMPHE - Witches Lullaby

Greek folk acoustic project Δαιμονία Νύμφη (Daemonia Nymphe) has recently released its new 5-track EP “Witches’ Lullaby“. These songs were originally composed for the play Macbeth, which was staged at the National Theatre of Northern Greece, directed by Anastasia Revi. In the play, this melody represented the Shakespearean witches, enigmatic and dangerous beings who manipulate Macbeth and make us wonder if they are, in fact, the Fates. The lullaby is a melody that symbolizes birth; a new life. Read more…

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SURTURS LOHE unveil upcoming album details

SURTURS LOHE - Wielandstahl

German pagan metallers Surturs Lohe from Meiningen, Thuringia have unveiled the first details of their upcoming fifth full-length album titled “Wielandstahl“, which is scheduled for release on September 24th, 2021. On “Wielandstahl” Surturs Lohe present nine songs that could not be more epic and primeval. This is old school Thuringian pagan metal. High velocity riffing is contrasted with mighty choirs and folky use of the flute embellishes acoustic guitar arrangements, reminiscent of early works of Ulver. Read more…

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ZGARD announce new album

ZGARD - Place of Power

Ukrainian pagan black metal one man project Zgard will release its upcoming full-length album “Place of Power” on May 21st, 2021 via Schwarzdorn Production. Zgard is truly a remarkable phenomenon in the Ukrainian metal scene. Geographically located far from Ukraine’s music centers, like Kharkov and Kiev, Yaromisl managed to create his own unique style. Is it the nature of the Carpathians, or residence near the mountain Bogit, where a Zbruch Idol (9th-century Svetovid sculpture and one of very Read more…

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BUTTERFLY TEMPLE new album out now!


So the time has come to celebrate the 25 years anniversary since the birth of one of the founders of Slavonic pagan metal, the Russian masters Butterfly Temple! In the anniversary year 2020, the band presents its new, epochal album “Волчье Солнце (Wolf Sun)“! The eleventh studio work of the group has absorbed all the best that has been over the years. The album is dedicated to the Wolf in human and the Man in the wolf. Who Read more…

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EMPYRIUM announce new album and release title track

EMPYRIUM - Uber den Sternen

Empyrium have released the first single taken from their forthcoming album “Über den Sternen“, which is slated for release on February 26, 2021 via Prophecy Production. The German dark romantics have also revealed cover art, tracklist, and further details of their first studio full-length since the highly acclaimed “The Turn of the Tides” came out in the year 2014. With their sixth full-length, “Über den Sternen“, a metaphorical German translation of their band name Read more…

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“Spirits of the Forest” by GM is released

GM - Spitis of the Forest

Epic fantasy music composer George Mirtsekis from Athens Greece has finally released his debut album “Spirits of the Forest“. George Mirtsekis is an independent music composer, whose entire life, as long as he can remember, was defined by his passion for music. His favorite styles, that inspire his compositions, include epic fantasy music, Celtic medieval music, symphonic and orchestral music. His goal is always the same: to discover new epic fantasy worlds and distant forgotten kingdoms, full of Read more…

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E-AN-NA released new single

E-AN-NA - Biba

Romanian folk metallers E-an-na have just released a new single, entitled “Biba“. This is a song dealing with a more sensitive topic in Romania, as seen through the eyes of the elderly. Through the last three decades, millions of people have left the country seeking a better life elsewhere. Usually the elderly (and sometimes the children) are left behind to witness the empty shells, the ruins that remain still. For this song, E-an-na had the honour of having Read more…

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