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NECHOCHWEN announce LP title and new track preview


OtO“, Nechochwen’s follow-up to the amazing “Azimuths to the Otherworld” is close to going to press. The master is in hand and the artwork is in the final stages of completion. This 30 minute 12″ EP will be going to the plant soon and their label Bindrune Recordings will soon be announcing pre-orders. The material on “OtO” is exclusive to vinyl and features one side of classically themed music, while the other erupts into Read more…

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NE OBLIVISCARIS will release debut album worldwide in June


After several years in the making, Ne Obliviscaris’ debut album has finally been completed. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Ne Obliviscaris include a vast array of influences within their sound for progressive to black, thrash, death and melodic metal, and even western art music, jazz and flamenco. “Portal of I” is released in Australia by Welkin Records on May 7th, but the band also signed with Aural Music / Code666 and their album will be released worldwide in June Read more…

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EPITIMIA release new track and announce details from their upcoming album

EPITIMIA - Faces of Insanity

The track “Epikrisis VI: Leucotomy” from the upcoming Epitimia album “Faces of Insanity” has now been made available for streaming and free download here. This is the third and final track to made available from the upcoming third full-length album and first release on the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records also known for acts such as netra, Ekove Efrits, stroszek, Subterranean Disposition, and The Foetal Mind. The “Faces of Insanity” album is scheduled Read more…

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AHAB release their 3rd full-length “The Giant” on May 25 via Napalm Records

AHAB - The Giant

AHAB braves the seas for a third time to deliver their unique brand of “nautik” doom metal to their fans and draw them down into the depths of the ocean and the human psyche. Their new album is entitled “The Giant” and will be released by Napalm Records on May 25 2012. While the band’s previous releases took on Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, as well as the tragic fate of the crew on the whaling vessel “Essex”, they Read more…

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NILE announce new album title, release date and unveil cover artwork

NILE - At the Gate of Sethu

Ancient Egypt-themed death metal band Nile have just revealed the cover artwork of their upcoming album “At the Gate of Sethu“, their seventh full-length. Artwork was handled this time by a true genius of darkened visuals, Seth Siro Anton (Soilwork, Paradise Lost, Septic Flesh). “At the Gate of Sethu” will be released via Nuclear Blast on June 29, 2012 .

Band mastermind Karl Sanders commented:
“Seth Siro Anton has designed the cover. I have been a Read more…

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DRYGVA presents artwork of their second album

DRYGVA – Lantsugi Minulyh Ctagoddyau

Belarussian Pagan Folk Metal band Drygva presents artwork of their second album “Ланцугі мінулых стагоддзяў“. It will be released worldwide by SoundAge Productions at the end of the summer 2012. Drygva follow their own theme of history of pre-christian Belarus. Lyrics and music based on patriotism, love to nature, pride and respect to heroic ancestors.

Links:Дрыгва Read more…

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THE GREAT OLD ONES release debut album “Al Azif”


The French Ambient / Post Black Metal band THE GREAT OLD ONES will release its incredible debut album “Al Azif” on 27th April 2012 on Les Acteurs De L’Ombre productions. Expect a ritualistic, slow-paced black metal in the vein of Altar of Plagues, Wolves in the Throne Room, Fen, etc. Recorded and mixed by Cyrille Gachet from France (Year of No Light) and mastered by Alan Douches from New York (Tombs, Dillinger Escape Plan).


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SETH debut “Les Blessures de l’Ame” reissued by Season of Mist

SETH - Les Blessures de l'ame

Back in 1998, Season of Mist released French black metallers SETH’ debut, “Les Blessures de l’Ame“. The album was greeted with enthusiasm by reviewers and fans alike, as the band combined harsh but melodic Black Metal with a well thought out concept on vampirism. Brutal, dark and surprisingly catchy, “Les Blessures de l’Ame” creates gothic atmospheres supported by intelligent keyboard textures. The album quickly gained the status of a cult classic that is hard to find Read more…

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