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NIÐAFJÖLL released debut album on CD


Icelandic symphonic pagan black metal band Niðafjöll, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Sigurboði Grétarsson, released its debut full-length album “Endir“. Sigurboði (ex-member of the folk band Hrafnagaldur) is completely self-taught on all instruments that he plays and owns and all songs of this album were written on an old classical guitar and a cheap Casio keyboard! The theme of “Endir” is based on Ragnarök from Norse mythology, though it’s actually a tragic love story that is Read more…

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DEMOGORGON debut EP will be soon released


Demogorgon is a new atmospheric black metal / dungeon synth entity, emerging out of eastern soil. The project is composed of a cult line-up from the Chinese underground, including members of Zuriaake|葬尸湖 (atmospheric black metal), HolyArrow (epic black metal), Destruction of Redemption (primitive black metal) and mighty Demogorgon, who firstly introduced the concept of extreme metal to mainland China in a proper manner as the chief editor of “Extreme Music” magazine back to 90’s. The debut EP entitled “Dilemma. Read more…

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SALDUIE reveal upcoming album details


Spanish folk metal band Salduie from Zaragoza has revealed the first details of its upcoming second full-length album, entitled “Belos“. It will be released both in digital and physical edition (most probably self-released) and it will be hopefully out before the end of 2016. The concept of the album deals with ‘Belos’, a people of Celt origin that lived in the second century before our era, in the southwest of the present province of Zaragoza. They challenged Rome, Read more…

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CRAVING unveil upcoming album details

CRAVING - By the Storm

German epic melodic death black metallers Craving from Oldenburg will release their third full-length album “By the Storm” on November 25th, 2016 via Apostasy Records! On its newest piece of work, the band is feistier than ever with a matured songwriting and a production that leaves enough space for all musical ingredients. Guitarist and singer Ivan Chertov produced the album on his own and once again left the mixing and mastering to Christoph Brandes (Finsterforst, Necrophagist, Imperium Dekadenz). Read more…

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TROLLWAR reveal details of upcoming EP

TROLLWAR - The Traveller's Path

Canadian folk Viking matallers TrollWar from Alma are proud to reveal the first details of their upcoming EP called “The Traveler’s Path“. The album will include 4 songs plus an intro and will be self-released by the band this Winter, both in digital and physical editions. TrollWar have already unveiled the cover artwork by Nicolas Francoeur, the EP tracklist and a short teaser that you can watch below. “The Traveler’s Path” was recorded and mixed at Read more…

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DIABOŁ BORUTA unveil upcoming album details


Polish folk metallers Diaboł Boruta from Rzeszow will release their second full-length album “Widziadla” via Pure Underground Records on November 11th, 2016. “Widziadla” is by far the strongest album of the band! Martial sounds go over into accordion and citter with many changes of rhythm, arrangements and music climate. The special touch comes with the Polish lyrics that complete the folk atmosphere of the album. Diaboł Boruta transform the power of the ancient times into forwarding Read more…

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Russian atmospheric “grotesque-metal” band Harmony in Grotesque from Krasnoyarsk has just released its new one-track EP, entitled “Sham-anima-ism: Through the Ages to the Primal Horde“. This EP is the band’s homage to the cultural phenomenon that has been cultivated for thousands of years on the banks of the Yenisei river – the mighty giant that with its cold waters cuts boundless Siberia in the Eastern and Western parts. This is an experimental audio trip through Lower Worlds on Read more…

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HULDRE’s second album will soon be out

HULDRE - Tusmorke

Danish folk metallers Huldre will release their long awaited sophomore album “Tusmørke” on November 3rd, 2016! Huldre is an upcoming name on the Nordic folk metal scene and they have, since 2010, excited people all over the world with their spectacular compositions. Huldre is the elegant fusion of Nordic folk music and metal. Here wolves, forest nymphs and trolls mingle in the wonderful contrasts between catchy melodies, sonorous atmospheres and heavy rhythms. Musically they offer catchy melodies of Read more…

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