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FINSTERFORST reveal upcoming EP details!


German epic folk symphonic black metallers Finsterforst have revealed the first details of their upcoming release, a brand new EP that tears apart all genre boundaries in a totally unconventional way with outrageous fun. With a concentrated amount of pure love for music, “#YØLØ” is ear popping. The four brand new songs plus five extremely unusual cover songs chosen show crazy experimentation from the band: From Miley Cyrus and K.I.Z. to Michael Jackson, “#YØLØ” has so Read more…

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LUX DIVINA reveal upcoming album details

LUX DIVINA - Walk Within the Riddle

Spanish pagan black metallers Lux Divina are about to have a very fruitful second half of 2016. After the news about their new EP of rarities “Nox Microcosmica (A compendium of rare and introspective songs)” that will be coming out on July 26th, 2016 via the Spanish label Darkwoods (already available for pre-order), the band has also announced that its 3rd full-length album will be out on December 16, 2016! It is entitled “Walk Within the Read more…

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KRAJINY HMLY released debut album

KRAJINY HMLY - Na Konci Ciest

Slovakian pagan black metallers Krajiny Hmly have recently released their debut full-length album entitled “Na Konci Ciest – At the Journey’s End“.  It was out on June 30 2016 as a result of the cooperation between two labels, Art of the Night Productions and Echoes of Koliba Productions. It comes in a limited to 500 copies jewel-case CD edition with 12 pages booklet and cardboard slipcase with additional artwork. Krajiny Hmly were founded in 2011 by Namtar (ex-Imperium, Read more…

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ACCURSED YEARS unveil debut EP details

ACCURSED YEARS - Fall of Frost

English folk melodic death black metallers Accursed Years from Dorset, are excited to announce the approaching release of their debut EP titled “Fall of Frost“. This EP is a diversion away from the style of music the band normally creates. The four tracks on this EP were originally written as heavy metal, but have since been adapted into more of an instrumental, orchestral type of music. Accursed Years are unveiling to you the beautiful cover artwork (created by Read more…

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DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS unveil upcoming album title and cover


Poland’s black death metal act Devilish Impressions has set “The I” as the title of its new album, due later in the year. The album was recorded at several studios, including Dobra 12 Studio and Icaros Studio to eventually get mixed and mastered at Impressive-Art Studio by Przemyslaw Nowak who also handled vocals’ recording sessions, as well as guitars re-amping. The album’s artwork, design and layout were created by Infected Minds. “The I”, a follow-up to Read more…

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MYRKUR reveal upcoming acoustic EP details

MYRKUR - Mausoleum

On the one year anniversary of her critically-acclaimed, masterful debut full-length album “M“, Danish black metal artist Myrkur unveils a captivating live recording from the historic Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway. Aptly titled “Mausoleum“, the album features beautifully dramatic and stripped down acoustic reinventions of seven songs from “M” plus one brand new song and a Bathory cover; all with the accompaniment of the storied Norwegian Girls Choir. Captured in a cold, dimly Read more…

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ISENMOR release new single

ISENMOR - Saxon Shore

American Vinlandic folk metallers Isenmor from Baltimore have just released their new single “Saxon Shore“, which is available in their official Bandcamp page, as well as major online music retailers. “Saxon Shore” tells the story of the first wave of Anglo-Saxons to come to Britain as conquerors. The Saxon Shore was an area in southeast Britain originally fortified and manned to defend against Germanic raiders (referred to collectively as Saxons by the Romans). In time, the Read more…

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GOTLAND release new single

GOTLAND - Traitor or Savior

Italian pagan black metallers Gotland from Turin are very proud to present their new single track “Traitor or Savior“! This song marks the way for a completely new path of the band’s sound. Leaving behind the folk influences of their beginning, their evolution took them to darker territories: a pagan black metal sound with more space to the epic and symphonic aspects, thanks also to Gotland’s new session member Gabriele Hyde Gilodi, who created the orchestrations. The recordings, Read more…

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