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BELENOS unveil upcoming album details

BELENOS - Kornog

French Celtic pagan black metallers Belenos will release with their 7th studio album, entitled “Kornôg” on September 9th 2016 via the German label Northern Silence Productions. After playing a lot of successful festival and club gigs during the last years, the band finally returns with a new album. ”Kornôg” is again sung in Breton and it is conceptually dealing with Brittany’s sea legends. The band stays true to its style, featuring 9 songs of their masterfully Read more…

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SKILTRON reveal upcoming album details

SKILTRON - Legacy of Blood

Argentinian folk power metallets Skiltron have just revealed the cover and tracklist from their upcoming album “Legacy of Blood“, which will be released by TrollZorn Records on September 30th 2016. ”Legacy of Blood” is the fifth studio album from Skiltron, keeping the classic sound of the band, which is already its trademark. Metal and bagpipes blend once again in a powerful mix, honouring the ancestors and pleasing the hordes! It will be available as a limited Read more…

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SVIRNATH unveil upcoming debut album details

SVIRNATH - Il Regno della Natura

Italian atmospheric pagan black metal band Svirnath will soon release its debut full-length album “Il Regno della Natura“. The band has recently signed to the German label Naturmacht Productions and it will be the first release of a new series of the label, called NP Underground. “Il Regno della Natura” will be released on 23rd July 2016 as a strictly limited edition of 100 6-panel digipak CD-Rs. Svirnath is a one man band formed in 2007, Read more…

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WARSEID unveil upcoming debut album details

WARSEID - A New Land to Find

American folk black metal band Warseid from Madison, Wisconsin has revealed the first details of its upcoming debut full-length album, titled “A New Land to Find“. The band has recently signed to the Russian label SoundAge Productions and the album will be released both digitally and in CD format on Fall of 2016. Warseid were formed in 2008 and so far they have released 2 demos and 2 EPs. They have always included many symphonic elements with their Read more…

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FINSTERFORST reveal upcoming EP details!


German epic folk symphonic black metallers Finsterforst have revealed the first details of their upcoming release, a brand new EP that tears apart all genre boundaries in a totally unconventional way with outrageous fun. With a concentrated amount of pure love for music, “#YØLØ” is ear popping. The four brand new songs plus five extremely unusual cover songs chosen show crazy experimentation from the band: From Miley Cyrus and K.I.Z. to Michael Jackson, “#YØLØ” has so Read more…

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LUX DIVINA reveal upcoming album details

LUX DIVINA - Walk Within the Riddle

Spanish pagan black metallers Lux Divina are about to have a very fruitful second half of 2016. After the news about their new EP of rarities “Nox Microcosmica (A compendium of rare and introspective songs)” that will be coming out on July 26th, 2016 via the Spanish label Darkwoods (already available for pre-order), the band has also announced that its 3rd full-length album will be out on December 16, 2016! It is entitled “Walk Within the Read more…

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KRAJINY HMLY released debut album

KRAJINY HMLY - Na Konci Ciest

Slovakian pagan black metallers Krajiny Hmly have recently released their debut full-length album entitled “Na Konci Ciest – At the Journey’s End“.  It was out on June 30 2016 as a result of the cooperation between two labels, Art of the Night Productions and Echoes of Koliba Productions. It comes in a limited to 500 copies jewel-case CD edition with 12 pages booklet and cardboard slipcase with additional artwork. Krajiny Hmly were founded in 2011 by Namtar (ex-Imperium, Read more…

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ACCURSED YEARS unveil debut EP details

ACCURSED YEARS - Fall of Frost

English folk melodic death black metallers Accursed Years from Dorset, are excited to announce the approaching release of their debut EP titled “Fall of Frost“. This EP is a diversion away from the style of music the band normally creates. The four tracks on this EP were originally written as heavy metal, but have since been adapted into more of an instrumental, orchestral type of music. Accursed Years are unveiling to you the beautiful cover artwork (created by Read more…

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