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MYRKUR reveal upcoming acoustic EP details

MYRKUR - Mausoleum

On the one year anniversary of her critically-acclaimed, masterful debut full-length album “M“, Danish black metal artist Myrkur unveils a captivating live recording from the historic Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway. Aptly titled “Mausoleum“, the album features beautifully dramatic and stripped down acoustic reinventions of seven songs from “M” plus one brand new song and a Bathory cover; all with the accompaniment of the storied Norwegian Girls Choir. Captured in a cold, dimly Read more…

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ISENMOR release new single

ISENMOR - Saxon Shore

American Vinlandic folk metallers Isenmor from Baltimore have just released their new single “Saxon Shore“, which is available in their official Bandcamp page, as well as major online music retailers. “Saxon Shore” tells the story of the first wave of Anglo-Saxons to come to Britain as conquerors. The Saxon Shore was an area in southeast Britain originally fortified and manned to defend against Germanic raiders (referred to collectively as Saxons by the Romans). In time, the Read more…

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GOTLAND release new single

GOTLAND - Traitor or Savior

Italian pagan black metallers Gotland from Turin are very proud to present their new single track “Traitor or Savior“! This song marks the way for a completely new path of the band’s sound. Leaving behind the folk influences of their beginning, their evolution took them to darker territories: a pagan black metal sound with more space to the epic and symphonic aspects, thanks also to Gotland’s new session member Gabriele Hyde Gilodi, who created the orchestrations. The recordings, Read more…

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BERSERKER unveil upcoming debut details

BERSERKER - Dark Worlds Collide

Lithuanian melodic folk metallers Berserker will finally release their debut full-length album “Dark Worlds Collide” on CD via Sliptrick Records on June 30th 2016! Berserker is a female fronted folk metal band from Vilnius, founded on the 7th of March, 2009. The name of the band is connected to the Viking era; Berserk (berserker) is known from historic tales as a fearless Scandinavian warrior. The band’s songs also reflect inner and outer battles: inner fights are personal emotions, Read more…

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STORMTIDE reveal upcoming album details

STORMTIDE - Wrath of an Empire

Australian epic fantasy metallers Stormtide from Melbourne are proud to present the wonderful artwork for their upcoming debut full-length album, painted by Lina Sidarova (logos by Gragoth). Entitled “Wrath of an Empire“, the album will be released on August 1st 2016 via Metal Hell Records, while the pre-orders will start on July 1st. This nine part epic album contains stories of ruin, heroism and dark deeds. Featuring huge orchestral arrangements, crushing guitar riffs and guttural vocals, “Wrath Read more…

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ZARGOF unveil upcoming debut album details

ZARGOF - Helios

Brazilian avant-garde progressive metallers Zargof from Belo Horizonte will finally release their first full-length album “Helios” at first Solstice of 2016, June 21. The album is self-released and will be initially available in Zargof’s official social network sites (YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud). Later the band also plans to release at i-Tunes, Spotify and make physical copies, on dates not yet confirmed. ”Helios” was composed, recorded and produced by the band members between 2015 and the beginning of Read more…

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SCUORN released first single from upcoming debut

SCUORN - Fra Ciel e Terr

Parthenopean epic symphonic black metallers Scuorn released the first single “Fra Ciel’ e Terr’” from their upcoming debut full-length album “Parthenope”. Scuorn is the personal project of Giulian (vocals, all instruments and orchestral arrangements) from Naples, Italy. The band was born to worship the cult of Parthenope by revealing the most ancient legends and history of the mysterious Neapolitan lands, known over the centuries for their Hellenic and Roman origins and for being fervent cradle of Read more…

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TIMOR ET TREMOR reveal upcoming album details

TIMOR ET TREMOR - For Cold Shades

German Chattic black metallers Timor et Tremor will release their second full-length album “For Cold Shades” on July 29th 2016 via Trollzorn Records! After releasing their debut full-length “Upon Bleak Grey Fields” in 2012, the band, which was founded 11 years ago, focused on an atmospheric and intense way to perform live on stage and played several shows including the “Dark Troll Festival”, before they got on new material. To evolve in terms of sound, famous Read more…

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