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TODTGELICHTER unveil upcoming album details


German avant-garde progressive extreme metallers Todtgelichter from Hamburg have revealed the first details of their upcoming 5th studio album “Rooms“. It will be released on February 26th 2016 via Supreme Chaos Records on digipak CD edition. Vinyl edition will be available later in 2016. The cover and back-cover artwork and parts of the booklet have been magnificently executed by the renowned Norwegian artist Truls Espedal, best known to the metal world for his outstanding work with Norwegian avant-garde Read more…

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XANTHOCHROID release new single

XANTHOCHROID - To Higher Climes Where Few Might Stand

On December 21st 2012, American cinematic black metallers Xanthochroid from Lake Forest California released their debut album”Blessed He With Boils“. Now, exactly three years later, they release their new single “To Higher Climes Where Few Might Stand“. This 8-minutes track is taken from their forthcoming album “Of Erthe and Axen“, which will be released in collaboration with Blood Music Records and their own label Erthe and Axen Records. This track tells the story of Read more…

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E-AN-NA release new single and video

E-AN-NA - Tinca Popii

Folk metal band E-an-na from Sibiu Romania has finally managed to release its second single, “Tinca Popii“. This instrumental song is a rendition of a Romanian traditional folklore tune. E-an-na kept its original name and tried to adapt it to what they feel it represents. ”Tinca” is to be translated as a reference to young girls (often daughters, but not necessarily). The concept is that this feminine entity represents nature itself and all the beauty surrounding Read more…

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GRIMNER reveal upcoming album details, release new single

GRIMNER - Frost Mot Eld

Swedish folk Viking metallers Grimner from Motala are proud to reveal that on March 26, 2016 they will release their new full-length album entitled “Frost Mot Eld”. The album will be released through the Swedish record label Despotz Records. The new concept album will tell you an epic story of two sides, the Enhärjar empowered by the icy winds of Asgård and the Sons of Surt fueled by the fires of Muspelheim. “Frost Mot Eld” will Read more…

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NEMUER released new album

NEMUER - Labyrinth of Druids

Atmospheric dark-folk duo Nemuer from the Czech Republic has just released its second album “Labyrinth of Druids”, which is the official soundtrack for an upcoming video game of the same title. The main essence of this album is a terribly dark Lovecraftian atmosphere that is built by suggestive, sinister and dreamy tones of acoustic guitar combined with haunting symphonic parts. Apart from “The Main Theme”, which is epic and melancholic at the same time, the most Read more…

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ILLDÅD unveil upcoming album details

ILLDAD - Bland Bot Och Sot

Folk metal band Illdåd, the personal project of Anton Trollmania Tordås from Sweden, will finally release its debut full-length album “Bland Bot och Sot” on January 25, 2016 in digital format. A physical release will follow a few months later. The album title comes from the old Swedish saying “Bot och Sot” that describes what witches or some beings could do to humans; good things, but also bad things… It contains loads of Swedish folklore, both happy and Read more…

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MARTYRIUM unveil upcoming album cover, title and tracklist

MARTYRIUM - Destiny Wore a Bondage Mask

Atmospheric blackened industrial death metallers MartYriuM from Luqa, Malta reveal the first details of their new opus, which will be entitled “Destiny Wore a Bondage Mask”. The band has recently inked a deal with the Spanish label Art Gates Records and its fourth full-length album is expected for February or March of 2016. The sound in this album is a blend of carefully selected arrangements, which consist of heavy tight riffing, guttural growls, malefic screams, a variety of Read more…

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DAWN OF A DARK AGE reveal details of new album


Italian atmospheric black jazz metal band Dawn of a Dark Age, will release “Air“, the 4th part of the hexalogy “The Six Elements” on January 1st 2016, in accordance with the preannounced time-schedule. Formed in January 2014 by multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Sabelli, the band has planned to release a 6-album saga about the Natural Elements. Each album is comprised of six songs and they will be out every six months, with the first part “EarthRead more…

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