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RAVENTALE reveal upcoming album details

RAVENTALE - Dark Substance of Dharma

Ukrainian atmospheric black metal band Raventale has revealed the first details of its upcoming eighth album entitled “Dark Substance of Dharma”. This conceptual full-length album is devoted to Indian and Tibetan mythology and offers to fully plunge into the cosmic order of Dharma, to parse the principles of existence and perception of this World. Special attention paid to the recording process and skills reached at Raventale’s previous albums, resulted in full and rich tone of the sound. “ Read more…

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STAGWOUNDER release debut full-length album

STAGWOUNDER - Invisible Radiance

Five piece blackened doom metal band Stagwounder from Heidelberg, Germany released its first full-length album entitled “Invisible Radiance” in June 2015. The band was formed in 2014 somewhere in midst of the lightless woods between the misty valley of the Neckar and the tree topped mountains of Odenwald. Regarding the music, classical black metal alternates with heavy doom riffs and occasional trips into the Elysian fields of post-rock. Here and there there’s a quick flirt with death metal Read more…

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SECHEM unveil upcoming EP details

SECHEM - Reinassance of the Ancient Ka

Oriental folk metal band Sechem from Madrid, Spain will soon release its new EP “Reinassance of the Ancient Ka“, set in the late ancient Egypt and the expansion of Christianity throughout the Nile Valley. Sechem have just unveiled the cover artwork by Enzo Andreotti. The symbol in the cover, even thought it has some resemblance to the coptic iconography, it is actually made up. Sechem wanted to fuse the traditional symbol of life in ancient Egypt, the ankh, Read more…

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WINTERHYMN reveal upcoming album details

WINTERHYMN - Blood & Shadow

American heathen folk metallers Winterhymn have unveiled the artwork, track list, and a preview of the track “Dream of Might” from their sophomore album “Blood & Shadow“, which is currently in the final stages of production at Hofmann Studios in Germany. The twelve-track saga follows their 2011 debut “Songs for the Slain“. The album is comprised of never-before-heard material, as well as four songs fans will recognize from their 2014 Paganfest Sampler EP released in Read more…

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ZURIAAKE unveil upcoming album details

ZURIAAKE - Gu Yan - Album

Atmospheric folk post pagan black metallers Zuriaake from China will soon release their second full-length album “孤雁 – Gu Yan“. It will be out in October 2015 via Pest Productions in a really deluxe edition, limited only to 300 copies worldwide. ”孤雁 – Gu Yan” comes in a 21x21cm hardcover Artbook, with 42 pages in 300 gram art-paper, plus 4-colors and silver ink print with poems and paintings, 3×0.5m flags and leaf specimen, all in a Read more…

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DISTORIAM release debut full-length album

DISTORIAM - Chapter I Vinlanders

Canadian epic historical folk metallers Distoriam from Montreal, QC have just released their first full-length album, “Chapter I: Vinlanders“. The album was recorded at Silver Wings Studios, well known for their studio work with acts such as Blackguard, Valfreya and the acclaimed 80’s french Quebec cover band; Ta Mère. “Chapter I : Vinlanders” features a great folkish mix of clean and harsh vocals in English, French and Norse language, heavy down-tuned guitars, traditional instruments and a Read more…

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E-AN-NA release debut single

E-AN-NA - Jiana

Romanian folk metallers E-an-na from Sibiu, Timişoara have just released their debut single ”Jiana”. The band has also prepared a lyric video for the song, that you can watch below. E-an-na is a new folk metal band with various musical influences and they were formed in the beginning of 2015. “Jiana” is an ancestral dance from the area surrounding Sibiu, the band’s hometown. They’ve adapted it, so now it also fits the needs of the dead, not only Read more…

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DARKESTRAH reveal upcoming album details


Kyrgyz epic shamanic black metallers Darkestrah from Bishkek have finished the work on their new album. It is their 6th full-length album, entitled “Turan” and it is scheduled for release later in 2015 via Osmose Productions. It is the first album of the band with the new vocalist Merkith, since their long-time singer Kriegtalith has left band in 2014, after 15 years. Darkestrah have already unveiled the beautiful cover artwork by their good friend Essam, as well as Read more…

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