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ELFORG unveil upcoming debut details

ELFORG - Elforg

Elforg is a new folk metal band from Warsaw of Poland, founded in September 2013. They will release their debut full-length album “Elforg” on August 29, 2015 by Art of The Night Productions, both digitally and physically. They are a group of 5 young musicians who listen to different kinds of music, so their inspiration and influences are very wide and diverse. Their music is based on heavy riffs, fast drums and the smoothness of the violin, combined Read more…

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DIABOŁ BORUTA reveal upcoming album details

DIABOL BORUTA - Stare Gledzby

Polish folk metallers Diaboł Boruta will release their second album, entitled “Stare Ględźby” via the German label Pure Steel Publishing on the 25th of September 2015. The quintet from Rzeszów plays folk metal with Polish lyrics, obviously affected by acts such as Ensiferum, Finntroll and Korpiklaani, without just copying their influences. Music to dance to, although traditional metal influences can’t be denied. The charismatic Polish lyrics give an exotic flair to the varied compositions, folkloristic instruments are placed Read more…

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SVIATIBOR will soon release an ambient album

SVIATIBOR - Discovery of a Blazing Emptiness

French pagan ambient black metal band Sviatibor, the personal project of Thomas Hornstein, has announced the upcoming release of its very first ambient full-length album “Discovery of a Blazing Emptiness” through Deivlforst Records! This album is a break in Sviatibor’s history. It will take you in a journey, a journey through the depths of space and time. You will first be contemplating the ocean, sparkling with reflections of stars, then, you will see a hole in the clouds, Read more…

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WEEPING BIRTH reveal upcoming album details

WEEPING BIRTH -The Crushed Harmony

Weeping Birth, the brutal black / death metal project of Vladimir Cochet from Switzerland (also in Mirrorthrone, Unholy Matrimony) has announced the release date of its upcoming and long-awaited third full-length album, entitled “The Crushed Harmony“. It will be out on November 16th, 2015 via Apathia Records, seven long years after the monolith of brutality “Anosognosic Industry of the I”. “The Crushed Harmony” is an especially dense 32-minute act, mixing limitless death metal aggressiveness Read more…

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ITNUVETH unveil upcoming album details

ITNUVETH - Paulsilaur

Viking pagan black metallers Itnuveth from Barcelona will release their second full-length album, entitled “Paulsilaur – Under the Wolf’s Skin“ in October 2015. It will be out via Base Records with the collaboration from Brutal Artista, AM2 Prod. and Ruido Noise. After the band’s debut “The Way of the Berserker” in 2014, Lianne Krossburner had to leave Itnuveth, due to her dedication to her other band Edenkaiser. The band’s new vocalist in “Paulsilaur – Under Read more…

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VREID reveal upcoming album details

VREID - Solverv

On October 9th 2015, Norwegian black’n roll metallers Vreid will release their new album entitled “Sólverv” on Indie Recordings. The band is extremely pleased with and proud of this album, and can’t wait to share it with you. It will be an album entirely written with Norwegian lyrics, including totally 7 tracks. They have isolated themselves in their own world for quite some time and they are now ready to share this blackened beast with you soon. In Read more…

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ПУТЬ ПТИЦ release debut EP

BIRD'S WAY - Bird's Way

Casus Belli Musica and Beverina Productions will release the debut mini-album of Путь Птиц (Bird’s Way) on August 10th, 2015. The authors of the project are the arranger Aleksey Solov’yev (Сердце-Камень, Чернава Яра, ex-Alkonost) and the female singer Aleksandra Terekhina, who create in a vein of nordwave folk, combining strongly marked rhythmical patterns, epic melodies, inclusions of the male choir and heartfelt female vocal parts. The songs of Путь Птиц are the interweaving of images brought to Aleksandra Terekhina (an Read more…

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VARG reveal upcoming EP details

VARG - Rotkappchen

German Viking metallers Varg have recently signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. The band’s upcoming full-length album “Das Ende Aller Lügen” will be released in 2016. Before that, a brand new EP entitled “Rotkäppchen” will be out on October 9th, 2015 via Napalm Records. This EP should not be overlooked as only a segue to the upcoming full length! “Rotkäppchen” is rather a gem on its own. It is a magical interlude, which Read more…

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