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MORIQUENDI reveal first details of upcoming album


Atmospheric folk black / dark folk metal band Moriquendi from Lyon, France is unveiling the first details of its upcoming debut full-length album “Kanopëa“. After the digital EP entitled “Nivlennus” in 2013, the band will self-release its new album this year, most probably in Autumn 2015. “Kanopëa” will follow the mystical and mysterious musical universe created by the band some years ago, based on deep and dark atmospheres. This first full-length piece of art Read more…

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TYRAKK released debut album

TYRAKK - A Tale of Naardakh

French epic black metal one-man project Tyrakk from Lyon has just released its debut full-length album “A Tale of Naardakh“. The band was formed in November 2013 by its sole member Tyrakk and at first it was just for the fun. Soon he began to create a real universe, so the project became more serious. The debut album “A Tale of Naardakh” tells the story of this universe: In the kingdom of Naardakh, a malefic monster Read more…

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SKYFORGER release first single from upcoming album

Skyforger, the pagan metal band from Latvia, present the first single “Tagad vai nekad / Now or Never” taken from their upcoming full-length album “Senprūsija“.

The song tells about the Great Prussian uprising in 1260 – 1274, when the Prussian tribes almost succeeded in driving the Order of Teutonic Knights out of Prussia. However, due to the continuous influx of fresh manpower from Europe and many European leaders Read more…

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ASTARIUM reveal upcoming album details

ASTARIUM - Nekrocosmo Nocturnal Kali Yuga

Russian symphonic one-man black metal project Astarium will release its new album “Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga” on April 17th 2015! It is a co-release between Satanath Records’ sub-label Symbol of Domination and Metallic Media. Astarium was founded in the summer of 2005 in Novosibirsk by its sole member SiN (all guitars, drum programming, keyboards, vocals). “Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga“, the fifth in a row album Astarium, is a logical continuation of the space trilogy which started last year Read more…

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MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS reveal upcoming album details


Brazilian epic doom death metal veterans Mythological Cold Towers are ready to release their new album, entitled ”Monvmenta Antiqva“. It is the fifth full-length album for band, 21 years after its birth, back in 1994. It will be out on April 6, 2015 via the Brazilian label Nuktemeron Productions. “Monvmenta Antiqva” comes 4 years after their previous album “Immemorial” and it includes 8 songs of epic and nostalgic doom death metal. The lyrics are Read more…

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SLANE new single will be out soon

SLANE - Insomnia

Russian Celtic folk melodic death metal band Slane from Moscow will release its new single entitled “Insomnia” on March 20, 2015. The band was initially formed in 2008, it broke up after a couple of years and then it was revived more seriously in 2013, when they also released their debut EP “Follow Me“. Slane is currently working on its first full-length album. The single “Insomnia” has been recorded with the help of their Read more…

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AD PLENITATEM LUNAE will release new single


Ad Plenitatem Lunae, the Italian Medieval folk metal band from Udine, has announced that its new single “Acuile Uarbe” will be released for free download on March 25th 2015. Ad Plenitatem Lunae were founded in 2005 and after a demo in 2010, they released their debut full-length album “Tempus Non Est Iocundum” in 2012. The upcoming “Acuile Uarbe” is a self produced song and their guitarist David Bressani did the recording and mixing. The Read more…

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TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED unveil debut album details


Innerstanding” is the debut full-length album by a mysterious atmospheric black metal project from Cyprus, with the name Tome of the Unreplenished. Sole member Hermes used to play bass guitar with the blackmetallers Necrosadist, but with Tome of the Unreplenished he explores the hidden regions of the soul, abandoning himself and the listener to an emotional roller-coaster of transcendental, cosmic beauty. “Innerstanding” will be released on standard jewel-case edition CD with a full color 8-page booklet Read more…

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