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AL-NAMROOD reveal upcoming EP details

AL-NAMROOD - Ana Al Tughian

Saudi Arabian oriental black metal band Al-Namrood will release its new EP “Ana Al Tughian” on February 13th, 2015 via the Canadian label Shaytan Productions. Al-Namrood seems to have left behind a lineage exemplified by the erratic and senseless journey of Humbaba’s continuing theatrical rants. And this is just a 2-track prelude of what is to come with their next full-length album “Diaji Aljoor“, which will be released via Shaytan Productions later in 2015. “Ana Read more…

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ALNE release promo, search for label

ALNE - Promo 2015

Polish experimental acoustic “folk metal” band Alne has finished working on their second album, which will consist of 9 songs, including the cover version of “A Mask in the Mirror” by Ved Buens Ende. As with their debut album, this time the themes of the lyrics are inspired by the primeval spirituality of the land Alne comes from. Three texts were prepared by Alne, but the rest of the lyrics were written by contemporary “pagan” poets Wojciech Mytnik Read more…

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ELDIARN reveal upcoming EP details

ELDIARN - Winter

Russian folk metallers Eldiarn from Moscow will release their new EP “Зима / Winter” on the 26th of December 2014. It will be available digitally at first, posted on their official VK page, but it will also appear on physical media EP in mid-January 2015. Eldiarn were formed in 2011 and self-released their debut full-length album “Кабаньей Tропой / Along the Wild Boar’s Trail” in 2013. The upcoming EP will include 7 new songs. Apart from Read more…

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SVARTSOT unveil upcoming album details and lyric video

SVARTSOT - Vaeldet

Danish folk metallers Svartsot from Randers can now officially announce the title and European release dates for their fourth full-length album. The album is entitled “Vældet“, which means “The Spring” or “Well” and contains 8 tracks about medieval Danish Midsummer’s Eve rituals: healing wells, the lighting of fires to ward off evil, echoes of ancient sacrifices and more. It will be released in cooperation between Svartsot’s newly established company “Of Wood And Iron Productions” Read more…

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VIETAH reveal upcoming album details

VIETAH - Czornaja Cvil”

Belarusian atmospheric black metal project Vietah will release its upcoming 4th full-length album “Czornaja Cvil” via Possession Productions and Stygian Crypt Productions in January 2015. “Czornaja Cvil” includes 4 joyless tracks, pierced with the double-edged misanthropic depressive thoughts and melody, hostile to friendly buster campaigns and cheerful nature, praising the starless sky staring blankly at the corpse of the Fall dismembered by Winter, smelling like smoke of snow-covered fire from dried leaves. Old Moon with the Read more…

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SUIDAKRA reveal upcoming album title

SUIDAKRA - Realms of Odoric

Celtic epic metal band SuidAkrA from Düsseldorf of Germany had promised to reveal the title of its next album, which will be recorded by the end of 2015. As you probably noticed, the band has been recently posting news about the debut release of Kris Verwimps’ and Arkadius’ project called Realms of Odoric. The reason for that is the fact that their upcoming album will also deal with the legend of Odoric. So, the next SuidAKrA album will be entitled Read more…

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DYNFARI reveal upcoming album details

DYNFARI - Vegferd Timans

Icelandic atmospheric black metal band Dynfari has revealed the first details of its upcoming full-length album “Vegferð Tímans“, scheduled for a March 2015 release on Aural Music / Code666 Records. After almost three years of writing and composing, recording and re-recording, producing and mixing, Dynfari will soon finally let you enjoy the fruit of their labour, the 56-minute “Journey of Time”. The band has just unveiled the cover artwork created by Metastazis, as well as the Read more…

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EXULTET new album available for pre-order

EXULTET - At the Gates of Christendom

Italian epic folk black metal band Exultet from Sicily will release its fifth full-length album, entitled “At the Gates of Christendom“ via the American label Martyrdom Records. After the departure of Argoth from the band, Farz decided to continue Exultet as a solo project and began writing new songs. The music continues in the same style, bringing together elements of Arabic and medieval folk, Viking and epic battle blackened metal. The first part of ”At the Gates Read more…

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