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MOSS OF MOONLIGHT changed their name to FELLED

FELLED - logo 1

American neofolk black metal metal band Moss of Moonlight has changed its name to Felled, and will soon release a new EP. Moss of Moonlight was the band of Cavan Wagner and Jenn Grunigen (both also in Cerridwen) and was formed in 2010. They released the debut full-length album “Seed” in 2012 and the EP “Winterwheel” in 2103 via Cascadian Alliance. The decision to make the change was not an easy one, but ultimately, the band Read more…

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RÏCÏNN sign to Blood Music


Blood Music is extremely pleased to present to its roster, Rïcïnn, the one-woman French powerhouse, whose oeuvre elicits the ethereal realms of outsider artists Diamanda Galás and Klaus Nomi. Rïcïnn’s beautiful, solo work lies in the realm of funeral opera – with nearly all instrumentation, production, and imagery created by the artist herself. Until now, her work has been as female vocalist for the experimental gothic funeral metal band Öxxö Xööx (also on Blood Music), as well as live female Read more…

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VANIR reveal upcoming album details and unveil first song

VANIR - The Glorious Dead

Danish folk metallers Vanir will release their third full-length album entitled “The Glorious Dead” via Mighty Music on October 20th 2014. This album marks a new stylistic direction with influences from a number of melodic metal genres – but still centered on the Viking and battle thematics. Coming off of their second album “Onwards Into Battle“, the Vanir anno 2014 is set to give praise to the ‘Glorious Dead’ throughout the ages of man. After experiencing Read more…

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KREIVISKAI reveal debut album details

KREVISKAI - Zemnis Supnai

Russian neofolk ethno ambient band Kreiviskai will release its debut full length album “Zemmis Supnāi” via Casus Belli Musica until the end of August 2014. Kreiviskai ( Prussian “in Kryvyan”, “Kryvyan” ) was founded in Тверь (Tver’) in 2013. The aim of the band is the return of forgotten musical authenticity and mythology of Тверь (and wider – of Kryviya) by means of Тверь’s old instruments. The debut album “Zemmis Supnāi” includes traditional tunes of Тверь Read more…

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NACHTBLUT reveal upcoming album details

NACHTBLUT - Chimonas

German dark metal band Nachtblut from Osnabrück have announced the release date of their 4th full-length album entitled “Chimonas“. Songs as black as the night, texts from bitter cold reality, steely guitars, sublime fanfare and whipping drum grooves, which maltreat as metal anvil-blows the Skull. The German quintet Nachtblut celebrates its die-hard dark metal with full force and perfect production. The follow up to 2012′s “Dogma” is named “Chimonas” and shows with charismatic frontman Read more…

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LELAHELL release debut album

LELAHELL - Al Insane - The ReBirth of Abherrahmane

Algerian death metallers Lelahell from Algiers have just released their debut full-length album “Al Insane… The (Re)Birth of Abderrahmane” via the American label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Lelahell was founded in 2010 by Lelahel the frontman of Litham, the legendary band from Algeria, started first as a one man band, with the writing of the first Ep “Al Intihar”. In the end of 2011, coinciding with the end of the EP recording, Nihil (bass) and Read more…

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ATRUM TEMPESTAS debut album details revealed


Hailing from Finland, Atrum Tempestas is a stormy, yet tranquil trip into atmospheric black metal, drawing influences from styles like funeral doom and post-rock. The band has recently signed a deal with the Portuguese label Nordavind Records and their debut album “Néant” will be released on October 13rd in CD and Digital format. Since its foundation in 2007, Atrum Tempestas’ music has been shifting from deliberate minimalism to alluring soundscapes and from thoughtful examination to bursts of emotionally Read more…

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OBERON will release new album and re-issue complete discography

OBERON - Dream Awakening

In 1997, Oberon’s self-titled mini album was one of the very first releases by Prophecy Productions. Now, after two full-length albums, “Mysteries” in 1998 and “Anthem” in 2001, as well as a single “Big Brother” in 2000, which were self-released by the artist, some musical explorations under the monicker of Future Whirl and a long-term creative hiatus, Oberon is back with his first album in 13 years. “Dream Awakening” is a journey Read more…

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