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HROPTATYR unveil upcoming album artwork

HROPTATYR - Hroptatyr

German pagan Viking metallers Hroptatyr from the town Rothenburg ob der Tauber of Bavaria are adding the final touches to their upcoming second full-length album, which will be entitled “Hroptatyr“. Hroptatyr were formed in 2008 and 2 years later they released their debut album “Auf zu Neuen Ufern” via Düsterwald Produktionen. The band remained quiet for 2 years, but after several line-up changes they returned stronger and entered Basement Media Studio in Schnelldorf in order to Read more…

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New online release for THE HORN

THE HORN - Spell 140 - Astral Voyage of the Nightbark

Blackened Ancient Egyptian occult space metal project The Horn from Australia has just released its new work, available online in its official Bandcamp page. The Horn is the personal project of A Demon Sheen, who formed it back in 1997! His aim is to set the whole “Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead” to music. All lyrics are taken from translations of the book by R.O. Faulkner. So far he has released 12 full-length “Volumes” with Read more…

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DELION reveal debut EP details

DELION - Tales of the Northern Realm

Underground Swiss folk metal band Delion from Geneva is adding the final touches to its upcoming debut EP “Tales of The Northern Realm” that will be self-released hopefully before the end of May 2014. Delion were formed in 2010, but due to line-up problems they took a break in the end of the same year, but they were reborn in September 2012 and released the online demo “The Beginning” in 2013. ”Tales of The Northern Read more…

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QUINTESSENCE MYSTICA unveil upcoming album details


Symphonic black metal band Quintessence Mystica from Ukraine has announced the release of the follow-up of its successful debut album “The 5th Harmonic of Death” from 2011. Their second full-length is entitled “Duality” and it will be released via the German label Schwarzdorn Production in digipak CD edition on 20/23 of June 2014. “Duality” promises 10 mystical, symphonic black metal tracks that accompany the handset again in an irrational and cosmic journey for us. Read more…

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CIRCSENA reveal upcoming debut album details

CIRCSENA - A Dryad Tale

German epic dark metallers Circsena are in the studio to record their first full length album and the recordings will be finished within the next 2 weeks. The dryad saga will not be told in 3 albums like the band has initially announced, but is now compromised into just one album with the title “A Dryad Tale“. Circsena welcome a new member in their line-up, Neele Wiltfang, who is responsible for the clean female vocals on the album. Read more…

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SAGAS release debut EP

SAGAS - Traumwanderer

Atmospheric progressive black metal band Sagas from Heppenheim, Germany has recently released its debut EP “Traumwanderer“. Sagas were formed in the beginning of 2013 and this is the first official release of the band. “Traumwanderer” includes 5 tracks and its total duration is almost 29 minutes. The band plays atmospheric black metal, with a progressive metal touch and a “dry” synth-free sound that is enriched by warm acoustic guitars. Every song of the EP tells a Read more…

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STEIGNYR release new EP

STEIGNYR - The Legend

Epic Celtic death metallers Steignyr from Barcelona, Spain are soon releasing a new EP, entitled “The Legend“. Steignyr were formed in 2012 by Jön Thörgrimr and the same year released a 3-track demo, while in 2013 their first full-length album “The Voice of the Forest” was out. Their upcoming EP “The Legend” will include 5 new songs, with the collaboration of Rose Avalon (from Rose Avalon) and Javi Crosas (from Drakum). It was recorded Read more…

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BLACK JADE release new album online

BLACK JADE - Warden of Tol Sirion

Swiss epic Tolkien folk black metallers Black Jade have just made a great gift for their fans. They are offering for free a very interesting album, entitled “Warden of Tol Sirion“, which is available for download with full DVD-case artwork in their official pages. This album contains the complete Black Jade part of the upcoming split CD “Auf Vergessenen Pfaden…” with German black metallers Carn Dûm. Except for the 8 songs of the split, it also Read more…

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