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URUK-HAI – Cirith Ungol

URUK-HAI - Cirith Ungol

Uruk-Hai is the most known and for sure the most active band of Alexander “Hugin” Wieser. This over-productive Austrian musician from Linz is also the basic (and in many albums the only) member of many other bands, like Hrossharsgrani, Elisabetha, Eismond, Bonemachine, Hrefnesholt, Wach, Manwë and others… He started Uruk-Hai back in 1999, one year after the birth of his first band Hrossharsgrani. He released an ambient tape with Hrossharsgrani under the title “Uruk-Hai” and after some encouraging Read more…

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FOLKENTROLL – Jester of Chaos

FOLKENTROLL - Jester of Chaos

FolkenTroll is a new folk metal band from Lecce, Italy. They were born in 2009 by Marco Carangelo (guitars) and Luca de Marco (bass). They soon completed their line-up and started composing their own songs, covering Korpiklaani songs and participating in many gigs. They soon decided to release their debut EP, choosing their best songs so far. So in 2011 they entered the studio as a six-piece band and released the mini CD “Jester of Chaos“.

The band Read more…

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CLAIM THE THRONE – Triumph and Beyond

CLAIM THE THRONE - Triumph and Beyond

Claim the Throne is an Australian epic folk death metal band from Perth. They were formed in 2005 and in 2008 their debut album “Only the Brave Return” was out. Next year they signed to Prime Cuts Music and released the EP “Aletales” (miniCD + DVD). In 2010 their second full-length album “Triumph and Beyond” was out again via Prime Cuts Music and finally I got it in my hands.

If you have listened Read more…

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MAGLOR – Call of the Forest

MAGLOR - Call of the Forest

Maglor is a melodic epic black metal band from Calgary in Canada. They were formed back in 2002 and after various changes the band now consists of Draendil, Luthien, and Beren Tol Galen. They never released anything so far, but finally they decided to make the big step. So in 201o they started composing their first full length album “Call of the Forest” that was released on June 2012 via Sounds of the Land Records.

There are 6 Read more…

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ANDRASTE – The Secret Valley

ANDRASTE - The Secret Valley

Andraste is a new folk metal band from Manchester, England. They were formed by Coll and Jorund in 2008. Soon more musicians joined them, until the band got a full line-up. After two demos “Andraste” in 2009 and “Realm of the Supernatural” in 2010, the band felt ready to self-release its debut full-length album “The Secret Valley” in the end of 2011.

One thing is for sure: Andraste is not the typical folk metal Read more…

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EISMOND – Behind the Moon We Are Looking into the Distance

EISMOND - Behind the Moon We Are Looking into the Distance

Eismond is one of the many projects of Alexander Wieser from Austria. He is also the mastermind behind Uruk-Hai, Hrossharsgrani, Elisabetha, Bonemachine, Hrefnesholt, Wach, Manwë, among others! Eismond began in 2010 as a one man band and the same year released the demo tape “Demo 1“. On September 2012 they released this demo tape on CD remastered with some bonus tracks under the title “Behind the Moon We Are Looking into the Distance” via Kristallblut Records. Read more…

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AEVLORD – The Nomad’s Path

AEVLORD - The Nomad's Path

AevLord is a symphonic black metal band from Paris, founded back in 2003 by Julien, as a personal project. The band played almost orchestral keyboard-based metal with screaming vocals. In 2004 its first demo “Welcome to My Kingdom” was out (only 100 copies) with the help of Emilie in the female vocals. Next years the band got a full line-up and finally released its debut album “History of a New Mankind” in 2007 via Très-Gore Records, Read more…

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KAWIR – Ισόθεος

KAWIR - Isotheos

It has been already 4 years since Kawir’s previous full-length album “Ophiolatreia“. In the meantime the band has been quite busy, releasing the EP “To Uranus“, the live DVD “Athenian Echoes Over Paris” and a split EP with Scythian. Finally the cult ancient Hellenic pagan black metallers return with their new masterpiece “Ισόθεος – Godlike” released via German label Deathrune Records. The band has a new “international” line up now, consisting of Read more…

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