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ATAVICUS – Ad Maiora

ATAVICUS - Ad Maiora

In November 2013, when the sad news for the split-up of Italian folk pagan black metallers Draugr were spread, everyone was disappointed, because they had just released an amazing album and they seemed to be at their peak. Luckily, as we say in my country “ουδέν κακόν αμιγές καλού” (there is no bad without good). Very soon, 2 new amazing bands rose from Draugr’s ashes. The first one is Atavicus, formed in 2013 by Draugr’s vocalist and guitarist (Lupus Nemesis Read more…

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SVIATIBOR – La Foi des Ancêtres

SVIATIBOR - La Foi des Ancetres

Sviatibor is the personal project of Thomas Hornstein (also in Nervengeist) from Albi, France. He formed this band just in 2013, but he has been quite over-productive since then, with several demos, EPs and 3 full-length albums already released! Actually he has almost finished his next album, which will be released this Spring. All Sviatibor’s full-length albums were released in 2014, beginning with “From Yav to Nav” in February, “L’Oeuvre de Rod” in April and finally Read more…

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IAMÍ – Luz e Sombra

IAMI - Luz e Sombra

Iamí is a new band from Maringá of Brazil combining black metal with dungeon synth music. It is the personal project of Iamí, whose name means “night” in the ancient indigenous Tupi language. The band’s first release was the demo single “Crença Profana” that was out on July 2013. Finally on October 2014 Iamí self-released its debut full-length album, entitled “Luz e Sombra“, which translates to “Light and Shadow” in Brazilian – Portuguese.             Read more…

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Finally, the time has come to review the best album I’ve listened to in the recent years and one of the best ever, if not THE best – time will tell! Italian extreme progressive avant-garde metallers In Tormentata Quiete (ITQ) from Bologna really exceeded all my expectations, releasing the musical masterpiece “Cromagia“! ITQ is a quite old band, formed back in 1998 by Antonio (keyboards), Lorenzo (guitars), Francesco (drums) and Marco (screaming vocals). Despite the numerous changes in Read more…

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ENISUM – Samoht Nara

ENISUM - Samoht Nara

Enisum is an Italian atmospheric black metal band from Susa Valley (Val di Susa), the longest valley of Italian Alps, near Turin. They took their name from a local mountain, since Enisum is the anagram Musinè mountain, spelled backwards. The band was formed in 2006 by Lys as his personal project and self-released several demos, without any proper distribution. Finally in 2014 they signed to Dusktone label and in October 2014 their first professional full-length album entitled “Samoht Nara Read more…

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MEDIEVAL WINTER NIGHTS – Eternal Thoughts of a Mad Shadowed Soul

MEDIEVAL WINTER NIGHTS - Eternal Thoughts of a Mad Shadowed Soul

Medieval Winter Nights is one of these bands that I randomly fell upon, while surfing on the net. There was something unusual in their artwork, album title and origin that intrigued me and soon I got their CD in my hands. The band comes from the beautiful city of Valparaíso, a major seaport and the cultural capital of Chile. Medieval Winter Nights were formed in 2008 by Nocturn and Magnum Tenebrosum, who shared the same passion for black metal and Read more…

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FORGOTTEN LAND – Omnia Fert Aetas

FORGOTTEN LAND - Omnia Fert Aetas

Epic pagan Viking black metal band Forgotten Land from Cantù, Como of Italy is back five years after their debut album. Formed back in 2006 by Nordic Valkyrja, the band released its first demo “Ancient Tales from Forgotten Lands” in the beginning of 2008. Next year the band self-released its debut full-length album “In Regno Langobardorum“, a very decent work of epic pagan black metal with few folk elements. In 2012, their founding member and front-woman Read more…

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APPALACHIAN WINTER – The Epochs That Built the Mountains

APPALACHIAN WINTER - The Epochs That Built the Mountains

American epic symphonic black metal band Appalachian Winter has recently released its new album, entitled “The Epochs That Built the Mountains“. The band was formed back in 2008 as the personal project of D.G. Klyne from Schellsburg, Pennsylvania, who composed and played everything with the help of few guest members from time to time. As a one-man-band, he had already released 5 full-length albums, one EP and a split album until 2013. In their sixth album however, Appalachian Read more…

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