CELTIBEERIAN official video for “The Booze Song”

Folk metal band Celtibeerian from Spain offer its new official video for the song “The Booze Song” taken from its second full-length album “Keltorevolution“ released in 2014.

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PIMEÄ METSÄ official video for “The Wolves’ Rebellion”

Spanish Viking folk metallers Pimeä Metsä present the official video clip of the track “The Wolves’ Rebellion“, included in their 2013 debut full-length album “Legacy of the Heathen North“.

Video was recorded, directed and edited by Metalovisión TV. Scenes captured at “On Fire Metal Fest 2015″, on June 5th.

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LAPPALAINEN official video for “Kraken’s Awakening”

French folk death metallers Lappalainen from Lille have just launched the official video for the track “Kraken’s Awakening” taken from their eponymous debut full-length album, released in 2015.

The beautiful animated clip is directed by Thibaut, who is also Lappalainen’s bassist.

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STEIGNYR official video for “Another Stupid Song of Beer”

Spanish epic Celtic death metal band Steignyr from Barcelona has just released the official video from the single “Another Stupid Song of Beer“, featuring Javi Crosas from Drakum.

Another Stupid Song of Beer” single was recorded at Olimpo Sound Studio. Video was recorded by Kronic Produccións.

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YOMI official video for “The Sacred Scrolls”

Japanese folk metallers Yomi present the music video for the song “The Sacred Scrolls” taken from their demo album “Age of the Gods” released in 2015. The video was recorded in 2014, inspired by the story of O no Yasumaro.

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MYRKUR official video for “Onde Børn”

Myrkur, the one-woman black metal project from Denmark, shares her new video for the song “Onde Børn” taken from the upcoming debut full-length album “M“, scheduled for release on August 21st 2015 on Relapse Records.

Filmed in the wild nature of Denmark, the “Onde Børn” video tells the story of the genesis of Mykrur.      Read more…

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SVARTSOT official video for “Midsommer”

Folk metal band Svartsot from Denmark has just released its first ever official music video! The video is for the track “Midsommer” from their latest album, “Vældet“.

Filming took place at Jels Vikingeby in Jutland, Denmark on the weekend of 27th and 28th of June (just after the actual Read more…

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KALEVALA official video for “Снежный дом”

Russian folk metal band Калевала (Kalevala) released the official video for the song “Снежный дом – The House of Snow” taken from their 2013 album “Луна и грош“. Several cold February days of shooting were finally shaped and done into this unique and outstanding video.

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