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ATHERIA – Echo from Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression

ATHERIA - Echo from another Kingdom & Spectral Regression

Atheria is a new Greek ambient depressive black metal band, the personal project of Phosphorus, who previously was behind the black metal band Fullmoon Mist. He has also the dark ambient / darkwave project In Oceanic Slumber. After the split-up of Fullmoon Mist, he formed Atheria in 2011 and released two EPs, “Echo from Another Kingdom” in 2012 and “Spectral Regression” in 2013. In November 2013 both of them were re-released in one compilation CD through Read more…

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VELDES – To Drown in Bleeding Hope

VELDES - To Drown in Bleeding Hope

Veldes is a new atmospheric black metal band, the personal project of Tilen Šimon from Bled, Slovenia, who formed this project in 2012. The town of Bled was initially (around 1.004 AD) written as Ueldes or Veldes and the etymology of the name is believed to be of pre-Slavic origin. As can someone easily guess, the music of the band is deeply inspired by the unique dark atmosphere of this Alpine town, built alongside a glacial lake! The full-length album Read more…

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NETRA – Sørbyen

NETRA - Soerbyen

Netra is the personal project of Steven Le Moan from France. He started this band in 2003 and after 2 demos he raised the interest of the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records. So, in the end of 2010 the debut album “Mélancolie Urbaine” was out, making quite an impression with its unusual blend of depressive black metal, jazz and trip-hop! Now, after 2 years in Norway, netra return with their second full-length album “Sørbyen“, a work Read more…

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EKOVE EFRITS – Conceptual Horizon

EKOVE EFRITS -Conceptual Horizon

Ekove Efrits has been a great discovery for me, since their beginning back in 2005. I have both their demos “Into the Funeral Witches” and “The Wraiths of Forgotten Forest” from 2006, where the band played raw melancholic black metal. It is actually the solo project of Saman N. aka Count De Efrit, who is composing and preforming everything in his albums. The fact that he is from Iran, a rather uncommon place for metal, raised Read more…

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Vacuum” is the impressive debut from a new French band called Pensées Nocturnes. It is released one year ago by the French label Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions, but I only bought it a few days ago. Anyway, from the first listen it became clear that this work definitely deserves to be reviewed! The band was formed in 2008 by Vaerohn (also guitars on Valhôll), who is the only member since then. He recently released the band’s Read more…

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Tribe of Neptune is a new band from Thessaloniki, with very little info known about them, since they don’t have any site. Its members are also active with other bands, like Aethyr, Empathy, Shadowcraft and Prometheus, but “Gnosis” is their first work with Tribe of Neptune. It is a full-length album and the band didn’t release any demo before, so this is the first encounter with their music.

This debut album is very interesting and the band has Read more…

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FROM THE SUNSET, FOREST AND GRIEF – … Empty, Cold & Forgotten…


From the Sunset, Forest and Grief is the solo project of Daniel Cuvarrubias from Mexico. The band was formed in 2002, but it was only the end of 2009 when the debut album “… Empty, Cold & Forgotten…” was released by the German label Naturmacht Productions.

The band presents a dark depressive nature inspired black metal album, definitely keyboard based, with really dark melancholic melodies. Guitars and drums have a more secondary role in the melodies, creating a mid-tempo rhythmic Read more…

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