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LAND OF FOG – Heathen Tales

LAND OF FOG - Heathen Tales

Land of Fog is a Brazilian epic pagan metal band from Carlos Barbosa, a city colonized around 1850 initially by Germans and later by Italians, due to its weather’s resemblance with their own countries’ climate, something that also inspired the band’s name. They were formed by Stormbringer, Triumphsword and Stroncold back in 2006. Next year they self-released the 6-track demo “Mother Land” and in 2009 they contributed 2 songs to the 6-way split “Southern Warrior’s Union“. Read more…

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CALADAN BROOD – Echoes of Battle

CALADAN BROOD - Echoes of Battle

Epic atmospheric black metal of highest quality is what this new American band has to offer in its debut album “Echoes of Battle“. Caladan Brood come from Salt Lake City in Utah and they were formed in 2008 by Shield Anvil and Mortal Sword, who are the band’s only members. Luckily enough, the German label Northern Silence Records believed in them, so their brilliant debut full-length album was properly released on 15th of February 2013.

Echoes of Read more…

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DRAUGÛL – The Voyager

DRAUGUL - The Voyager

Draugûl is a one-man epic Viking black metal band from Malta. They were born in 2012 by their one and only member Hellcommander Vargblod, taking his inspiration by Tolkien’s books and Norse mythology. The name Draugûl is based on the fictional Mordor language (joining the words Draug and Gûl) and means something like “curse of the wolf”. Draugûl signed to Pesttanz Klangschmiede Produktionen in order to release their debut full-length album “The Voyager” on the beginning of March Read more…

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EMYN MUIL – Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

EMYN MUIL - Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

Emyn Muil is the third solo project of Nartum (Saverio Giove) from Bari, after Valtyr (Viking black metal) and Ymir (ambient black metal). As you can tell by its name, the band’s music is inspired by Tolkien (Emyn Muil was a maze of rocky crags in Middle-Earth) and this album is based exclusively on Tolkien’s book “The Children of Húrin“. Nartum was preparing this project a long time ago, but the band was officially formed and “named” in Read more…

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FOLKHEIM – Mapu Ñi Tiam

FOLKHEIM - Mapu Ni Tiam

Folkheim is an epic “ethnic” black metal band from Santiago Chile. They were born back in 2003 and the following year they released the demo “Touched be Thy Undisturbed Essence“. In 2006 their first official work, the EP “Pachakuti” was out as an independent release. Six more years passed until Folkheim decide in the summer of 2012 to release their debut album “Mapu Ñi Tiam” via the Chilean label Australis Records.

I am really Read more…

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LUTECE – … Our Ashes Blown Away

LUTECE - ... Our Ashes Blown Away

Epic French black metal horde Lutece, return with a new album, 5 years after their previous effort. After the split-up of the black metal band Dark Requiem, two of its members, Denosdrakkh and Hesgaroth, formed Lutece in 2006. As a duet, they released their debut full-length album “…and Ancestors Still Remain” in 2007 via Triple Silence Records. Next year they self-released the EP “Awakening Ancient Gods“, which was distributed in Ireland, since Denosdrakkh was also playing Read more…

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ÆTHER REALM – One Chosen by the Gods

AETHER REALM - One Chosen by the Gods

A new Viking metal band rises from Greenville, North Carolina. This US band was formed in the summer of 2010 and released the 2-song EP “Odin will Provide” one year later, on September 2011. Next year the single “Swampwitch” was revealed and finally on January 2013 Æther Realm released its debut full-length album “One Chosen by the Gods“, including the 3 aforementioned songs.

On its Facebook profile the band clearly states: “we are Read more…

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XANTHOCHROID – Blessed He with Boils

XANTHOCHROID - Blessed He with Boils

A very talented band rises from Lake Forest of California, with the strange name Xanthochroid. The etymology of their name comes from ancient Greek and is used to describe pale skinned people with blond hair. The band was formed in 2005 and five years later their first EP “Iced, In Extremis” was out, followed in 2011 by another EP entitled “Incultus“. Finally on 21st of December 2012 Xanthochroid unleashed their debut full-length album “Blessed He Read more…

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