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BROKDAR – In Fetters Glacial

BROKDAR - In Fetters Glacial

Russian epic fantasy melodic black death metallers Brokdar from Krasnodar released in the end of 2014 their debut full-length album “In Fetters Glacial“. Brokdar is a new band, formed in 2011 on the ruins of a few black metal bands. They started as a melodic death metal band with dark fantasy themes and black metal elements in their sound. After a digital single, Brokdar signed to Fono Ltd and released their debut full-length album on December 23rd, 2014.   Read more…

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ALPHAYN – Heimkehr

ALPHAYN - Heimkehr

Alphayn is a new heathen metal band from Vienna of Austria. They were formed in 2013 by a group of friends, who remain together since the beginning, with only one line-up change. After a year of hard rehearsals and gigs, Alphayn started in 2014 the recording of their debut full-length album “Heimkehr” at Origin Audio Studio. The album was finally self-released on September 30th, 2014.            Read more…

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CREPUSCLE – Draconian Winter

CREPUSCLE - Draconian Winter

American epic melodic death metallers Crepuscle from Redwood City, California have recently released their debut full-length album. The band was formed in 2006 under the name Draconian Winter and released the demo EP “Silent Reverie” in 2007. After several line-up changes and music experimentation, they decided to give a new name to the project, thus Crepuscle was born. They began recording their debut album since 2010 and they managed to self-release it only four years later, in August Read more…

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DRENAÏ – Deathwalker

Livret Pages 12-1

Exactly one year after their beautiful demo EP “A Rising Thunder“, French folk metallers Drenaï are back with their debut full-length album. The band was founded in 2011 in Normandy, inspired by the fictional heroic world of the books of British author David Gemmell. Drenaï consist of 7 full members and they released their demo EP on October 5th of 2013. Finally, on October 10th 2014, their first album “Deathwalker” was out, self-released by the band.    Read more…

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CEREVISIA – Trails of a Walker

CEREVISIA - Trails of a Walker

Cerevisia is a new epic pagan metal band from Marseille, France that recently released its debut full-length album “Trails of a Walker“. Formed in late 2010, the band changed its line-up and music style many times, until the beginning of 2012, when things became more “stable”. After various gigs, Cerevisia started working on their first album in 2013 and finally released it on May 2nd 2014 via Send the Wood Music.         Read more…

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ADAVÄNT – A Light Cut Through the Void

ADAVANT - A Light Cut Through the Void

Adavänt is an epic folk metal band from Chandler, Arizona of USA that was formed in the end of 2007. After 2 demo EPs, this six-piece group self-released its impressive debut album “Tale Untold” in 2011. Their line-up has remained stable since then and they have gained a lot of experience and fame through the numerous live shows in their local scene. Finally, in the end of 2013 Adavänt return with their second full-length album entitled “A Read more…

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ITHILIEN – From Ashes to the Frozen Land

ITHILIEN - From Ashes to the Frozen Land

Ithilien is a Belgian epic folk black death metal band from Walloon Brabant. They were formed in 2005 by Pierre Cherelle (vocals, guitars) and it took him 6 years and hard work to gather a more stable line-up. In 2011 the band released its debut EP “Tribute to the Fallen” and after some final line-up changes they started their live performances, becoming very active in 2013. Finally, on December 9th 2013, Ithilien released their first full-length album “ Read more…

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YONDER REALM – Beyond a Long Lost World (EP)

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Yonder Realm is a new epic folk death metal band from Long Island, New York. They were formed in 2009 by Jesse McGunnigle and Edward Delinden, who both played in the melodic death metal band inRed. The same year they released the demo “Reclaiming the Throne (Of Madness)” and started their first gigs. After the departure of Edward in 2010, Jesse gathered a new line-up for live shows and Yonder Realm started recording their debut EP, “Beyond Read more…

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