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DE PROFUNDIS – This Winter in My Heart

DE PROFUNDIS - This Winter in My Heart

De profundis is a Hungarian atmospheric black metal band from Szombathely, formed back in 2000, by Yzokras and Zoltan, the band’s only members since then. Unluckily, due to personal reasons, the band split up in 2001. They decided to reunite 7 years later, in 2008 and released the 4-track demo “Haunted By Ill Angels Only” in 2010. In 2013 the demo plus one song was re-released as a split tape with the demo of another Hungarian black metal Read more…

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Sturmpercht and Rauhnåcht are two Austrian bands that decided to cooperate for the release of this beautiful split album, each one giving its own version of Alpine folk music. Sturmpercht is a totally acoustic Alpine folk band, while Rauhnåcht play atmospheric pagan folk black metal. The idea behind this cooperation isn’t new, since the two bands have worked together again, for the EP version of “Zur Ew’gen Ruh” back in 2012. Now they decided to repeat this experiment Read more…

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DEMENTIA AD VITAM – L’Éloge de l’Origine

DEMENTIA AD VITAM - L'Eloge de l'Origine

Dementia ad Vitam is a very interesting neoclassical neofolk ambient project from France that recently released its third full-length album “L’Éloge de l’Origine“. Dementia ad Vitam introduced themselves in 2008 with the album “Spirit of the Trees“, a Neoclassical darkwave work, released via Occultum Productions. In 2010 the band released its second album “De Gaïa, le Poison…“, a work where they added a few atmospheric black metal elements in their sound. This album was Read more…

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Dornenreich is a band that needs no introduction. If you have listened to even one song from them, you can easily understand they are a whole music style on their own, beyond any typical genre categorization. This unique Austrian band was formed back in 1996 and released its first two albums, that were closer to avant-garde black metal, via CCP Records. After that they signed to Prophecy Productions and in 2001 released their 3rd album, the masterpiece “Her von Read more…

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ZERGEYTH – Pajot Kezäs Kodoilas

ZERGEYTH - Pajot Kezas Kodoilas

Zergeyth is a rather unknown Russian one-man band from Saint Petersburg that has recently released its first work. There is not much info available about them, except that they are the solo project of Sergey Nikiforov, who is also a member of the Aggro-industrial band Repus Tuto Matos. The first sign of life for Zergeyth was the participation in the tribute album “Triumph und Wille — A Tribute to Burzum” in 2006 with the cover on “Tomhet Read more…

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DEMAIN, WENDIGO – Projections

DEMAIN, WENDIGO - Projections

Demain, Wendigo is a new project from Canada, formed in 2013 by David Verret aka Bardunor (Hiverna, Monarque, Csejthe, Crèpuscule) and Vincent Marceau. This mainly acoustic project was forged with the intention to create epic folk music speaking about local myths and legends. On January 27th, 2014 the band self-released its debut full-length album “Projections“, both digitally and in physical CD via Bardunor’s own label Oaken Forge.                      Read more…

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OBSCURUS ORBIS – Primus Inter Pares

OBSCURUS ORBIS - Primus Inter Pares

Obscurus Orbis is a Latvian medieval music band, formed back in 2007 by Lord Mortis and Veina. They met the other band members while traveling to various medieval themed events and slowly the line-up was complete. Obscurus Orbis use ancient musical instruments and they try to create an atmosphere that will transfer the listener to Medieval times. In 2012 the band finally decided to self-release its debut full-length album “Primus Inter Pares” after many years of hard work.               Read more…

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ELDENSKY – From Forgotten Pagan Realms

ELDENSKY - From Forgotten Pagan Realms

Eldensky is the personal project of Beren Tol Galen from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Beren Tol Galen (also in Canadian epic black metallers Maglor) formed Eldensky in the beginning of 2007. The same year the band released the instrumental demo “Elder Tales” under Beren Tol Galen’s own label, Sounds of the Land Records. He kept on working and developing his band’s sound and finally in 2011 he released the debut full-length album “From Forgotten Pagan RealmsRead more…

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