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Dornenreich is a band that needs no introduction. If you have listened to even one song from them, you can easily understand they are a whole music style on their own, beyond any typical genre categorization. This unique Austrian band was formed back in 1996 and released its first two albums, that were closer to avant-garde black metal, via CCP Records. After that they signed to Prophecy Productions and in 2001 released their 3rd album, the masterpiece “Her von Read more…

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ZGARD / PROHOD – Ascension: Paramatman

ZGARD - PROHOD - Ascension Paramatman

Ascension: Paramatman” is a very interesting split release between two amazing atmospheric folk black metal bands, Zgard from Ukraine and Prohod from Romania. It’s not only the bands who cooperated for this release, but also two different labels, Purity-Through-Fire from Germany and Fimbulvinter Productions from Brazil! I liked both bands very much, so I was very excited to see what they have to offer in this split album. “Ascension: Paramatman” lasts for almost 62 minutes (31 Read more…

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VALLENDUSK – Black Clouds Gathering

VALLENDUSK - Black Clouds Gathering

Black Clouds Gathering” is the first full-length album of the Indonesian atmospheric black metal band Vallendusk from Jakarta. The band was formed in 2011 and they soon released the 3-track EP “Vallendusk” via the Chinese label Pest Production. The EP got great feedback, thanks to the band’s mature, melodic and well produced sound. One year later, in the spring of 2013, Vallendusk returned with their debut full-length album “Black Clouds Gathering“, released by the Read more…

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PERPETUAL DAWN – Pale Blue Skies… (EP)

PERPETUAL DAWN - Pale Blue Skies

Perpetual Dawn is a new melodic blackened metal band from Adelaide, South Australia, the personal project of Daniel Kuzmanovski. He formed the band in 2009, the same year that he released his first demo “…And Become, the Essence of Night“. Since 2010 Perpetual Dawn is working on its debut EP “Pale Blue Skies…“, whose recording finished in mid 2013. Finally the album was released in the end of 2013 via Australore Recordings.        Read more…

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СИМФОНИЯ УЖАСА – Марш Проклятых

SYMPHONIYA UZHASA - March Proklyatyh

Симфония Ужаса (Symphoniya Uzhasa) is the first metal band from Kazakhstan I’ve ever listened to. They were formed in the end of 2008, originating from Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. The band’s name, which translates to Symphony of Horror, was chosen a few days before they start their live activity in the Spring of 2009. The band has undergone several line-up changes since then and finally in the end of August 2011 they began recording their first album as Read more…

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ETHEREAL SIN – Millendium

ETHEREAL SIN - Millendium

It seems that 2013 has bean a very important year for Japanese elegiac black metallers Ethereal Sin from Tokyo. On 20th of February they released a re-recorded, rearranged, remixed and remastered edition of their debut full length album “The Abyss will Also Gaze into Thee: Ricordo” and on September 20th they released their second album “Millendium“. Ethereal Sin were formed back in 1997 by Yama Darkblaze and they have undergone countless line-up changes and several breaks. Read more…

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ETERNIUM – Repelling a Solar Giant

ETERNIUM - Repelling a Solar Giant

Eternium is a new born band from St. Louis, Missouri, of United States. The band began in 2011 as the solo project of Markov Soroka (guitars/vocals), but until August 2012 Eternium got a complete line-up. As a full band they played on various local gigs and soon entered the studio to record their debut full-length album. In the mid-time the band had released the 3-track demo “Aura Titan” on July 2013. Finally, they signed a deal with the Read more…

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Schattenvald is an old German black metal band from Bavaria, formed back in 1998 as the personal project of Nachtsturm, who also plays bass on Cryptic Wintermoon. After 3 demos, “Winterland” and “Nachtvolk” in 2002 and “Dämmertage” in 2004, Schattenvald released their debut full-length album “I” in 2007. Few months later their second album “II” was out, in 2007 again. Next year they released their third work “III“. Read more…

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