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XANTHOCHROID – Blessed He with Boils

XANTHOCHROID - Blessed He with Boils

A very talented band rises from Lake Forest of California, with the strange name Xanthochroid. The etymology of their name comes from ancient Greek and is used to describe pale skinned people with blond hair. The band was formed in 2005 and five years later their first EP “Iced, In Extremis” was out, followed in 2011 by another EP entitled “Incultus“. Finally on 21st of December 2012 Xanthochroid unleashed their debut full-length album “Blessed He Read more…

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Melodic black metallers Saille from Belgium are back with their new work. The band was formed by Dries (keyboards, ex-Mortifer) in 2008 and his initial thoughts were about a studio project. Gradually Saille got a full line-up and they decided to become active on stage too. Their debut album “Irreversible Decay” was released in 2011 via Aural Music / Code666, making quite an impression. On January 18th 2013 the band reveals its second opus, entitled “Ritu“, Read more…

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BLACK OMEN – Psytanalysis

BLACK OMEN - Psytanalysis

Black Omen is a melodic black metal band coming from Eskişehir in Northwestern Turkey. They were formed back in 2000 and in 2003 they released a self-titled demo. Their debut full-length “When Pure Darkness Covers False World of Light” was out in 2005, followed by “Sinphony” in 2007, both released by the Turkish label Poem Productions. After a 5-year absence the band returns in the end of 2012 with a new singer and its 3rd full-length album “ Read more…

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NEOKHROME – Perihelion

NEOKHROME - Perihelion

Neokhrome is a rather unknown Hungarian band from Debrecen. They were formed in 2001, under the name Neochrome (with “c”, not “k” ) and released their debut album “Manifestation of the Forgotten Subconscious” in 2004. Three years later the second full-length album “Downfall / Collapse” was out. Both albums were released by Nail Records, but I never listened to them. Based on some online samples, these 2 works sounded like typical black death metal, but nothing Read more…

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4 years after their wonderful debut album, Quadrivium return with their second masterpiece of avant-garde black metal. After the release of “Adversus” in 2008, the band started writing its second album. The composition process was complete in 2009, but they wanted to expand their line-up before the recording sessions. So “Methocha” was released 3 years later, in the end of November 2012, via Soulseller Records again.

Quadrivium play melodic avant-garde metal with some black metal elements. Read more…

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After their impressive comeback with “Ceremony of Ascension” in 2009, Wallachia return with their third full-length album. This Norwegian band was formed in 1995 by Lars Stavdal as his personal project. In the early years Lars played almost everything and his music was underground symphonic black metal. Since the previous work though, the band took a mainstream turn and in 2012, with a complete recording line-up, they offer us their most professional work so far, entitled “Shunya Read more…

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AEVLORD – The Nomad’s Path

AEVLORD - The Nomad's Path

AevLord is a symphonic black metal band from Paris, founded back in 2003 by Julien, as a personal project. The band played almost orchestral keyboard-based metal with screaming vocals. In 2004 its first demo “Welcome to My Kingdom” was out (only 100 copies) with the help of Emilie in the female vocals. Next years the band got a full line-up and finally released its debut album “History of a New Mankind” in 2007 via Très-Gore Records, Read more…

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HEIDRA – Sworn to Vengeance (EP)

HEIDRA - Sworn to Vengeance

Heidra is a Danish epic black death metal band that was formed in 2006 in Copenhagen. Since their first steps they had a melodic, almost symphonic, approach in their music and it was 2008 when they self-released their first demo “The Saga“. In 2009 they recorded their second demo “Northern Tales“, but it was released in 2011. In the beginning of 2012 they started recording their debut EP, first time in a professional studio and in Read more…

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