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French romantic black metallers Mystic Forest are back after a very long period of silence. The band was formed in 1997 by Stefan Kozak, who is practically their only member, since he composes and performs all music, with the help of a few guest musicians in each album. The first full-length “Green Hell…” came out on 1999. Mystic Forest tried since its beginning to play melodic yet raw black metal, combined with classical music interludes in a dark Read more…

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DARK AMBITION – Gallows of Empire

DARK AMBITION - Gallows of Empire

Dark Ambition is a melodic progressive black death metal band from South Korea. They’ve been around since 2002 and their first work was the EP “Crimson Temptation” from 2003 released via Jusin Productions. In 2007 the band’s debut full-length album “Tears of Daewongoon” was out, this time by Rock Space Korea and Dream On Records. 5 years later, on July 2012, Dark Ambition return with their second album “Gallows of Empire“.

Dark Ambition is Read more…

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MONDSTILLE – Seelenwund

MONDSTILLE - Seelenwund

Mondstille is an Austrian band from Vienna, surprisingly unknown compared to the quality of their music. They were formed in 2004 and it took them 4 years in order to release their debut album “Am Ende…” via White Bird Records. The album was printed in 500 digipak copies, but since the label closed soon after the release, only 100 of them were available and quickly sold out! In 2012 they return with their second full-length “SeelenwundRead more…

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EVELYN – The Key to Understanding Suicides

EVELYN - The Key to Understanding Suicides

Evelyn is an atmospheric melodic extreme metal band from Poland, formed in the end of 2002 by Asteria (keyboard) and Chorus (guitar), while bassist Morgoth jumped in the band after a while. At its first steps (until the first demo) Evelyn was an instrumental project, but in 2003 vocalist Kristof joined them as their new member. A second demo followed and in 2006 the band self-released its debut full-length “Assertivity“. The same year Morgoth and Kristof left the Read more…

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Gjallarhorn is a Russian band that was formed back in 2000, but never released anything until now. They come from Kemerovo in Siberia and as you can guess by their name they started as a Viking metal band. Their debut album “Фолькванг” was released in the end of 2011 by the Russian label Musica Production, but it has almost nothing to do with the Viking genre in my opinion.

They play epic melodic atmospheric black metal with some Read more…

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ZGARD – Reclusion

ZGARD - Reclusion

Zgard is a new one-man-band from Ukraine formed just in 2010. Its only member is Yaromysl, who is also in the pagan folk metal band Goverla. Zgard released 2 full-length albums in 2012, both in January. The first album entitled “Spirit of Carpathian Sunset – Дух Карпатських Сутінків” is released by the German label Darker Than Black Records and the band plays pagan folk black metal, with the help of another Goverla member in the flutes, Gutsul. Two Read more…

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TERMINAL LOST – 卷贰 凤凰山 / II Phoenix Mountain

TERMINAL LOST - II Phoenix Mountain

Terminal Lost is another worth-mentioning Chinese black metal band, whose new album is released in 2012 by Mort Productions. The original name of this Shanghai based group is 天幕落 and they were formed in 2004. In 2008 they released their debut album “卷·壹 – Chapter I” via Shang records, an album that was re-released in 2001 by Mort Productions. Their music in this album was melodic black metal with some progressive metal elements. It was a very interesting Read more…

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Psychomantum is the personal project of Sargath from Germany, who formed this band back in 1993! In the first 17 years of their life they released only 4 demos. The self-released (not for sale purposes) tapes “Vjelzu Arg” in 1995, “Vahn Sin Niges Knus Per Hus Ken” in 1996 and “Ainak Erdna” in 1997, each one limited to 3 copies. In 2006 they released the promo CD “…Vorzeiten…” limited to 333 copies. Read more…

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