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IMMORIOR – Herbstmär

IMMORIOR - Herbstmar”

Immorior is a new atmospheric post black metal band from Saarland of Germany. They were formed in 2013 by Nordmann and Sarghas, who remain their only members since then. They’ve been together in other bands too (Nelandhir, Seuchenzug, Yarr and Stardust), but with Immorior they wanted to explore new musical paths. On October 17th, 2014, their debut full-length album “Herbstmär” was finally released by the German labels Narbentage Produktionen and Black Blood Records.      Read more…

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NUMENOREAN – Demo 2014 (Demo)

NUMENOREAN - Demo 2014

Numenorean is a new Canadian atmospheric post black metal band form Calgary, Alberta. They started in late 2011 as a two-man project by Byron (composition, all instruments) and Brandon (vocals) with the intention to mix aggressive and melancholic black metal with more tranquil and ethereal parts. They recorded a 2-song demo, which was released via Filth Regime Records on June 2014. The band also got a complete line-up and started its first live shows with the release of the demo.               Read more…

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Autumn Bridges” is a really beautiful split EP, a nice collaboration of two very interesting one-man bands. Frozen Ocean is the ever-changing personal project of Vaarwel from Russia and Petrychor is the atmospheric folk black metal band of Tad Piecka from USA. Vaarwel has asked many projects to participate in this album, but finally only Petrychor accepted his invitation for this autumn-inspired EP. “Autumn Bridges” was recorded between 2011 and 2012 and it was finally released Read more…

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APOCYNTHION – Sidereus Nuncius

APOCYNTHION - Sidereus Nuncius

Apocynthion is an amazing new atmospheric post black metal band from Madrid, Spain that only recently released its first work. The band was formed in 2010 and took its name from the astronomic term “apocynthion”, which describes the point in a satellite’s lunar orbit that is farthest from the moon. They had released only the digital single “Correlations” in March 2012, before they finally sign to the Chinese label Pest Productions and release their debut full-length album “ Read more…

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MORADIN – Awakening (EP)

MORADIN - Awakening

Canadian atmospheric black metallers Moradin from Calgary are back with a beautiful 3-track EP, entitled “Awakening“. They were formed in 2006 and this is their third release so far, after the demo “Heart of the Forest” in 2009 and the full-length album “Ancient Stone & Mystic Woods” in 2011. “Awakening” was initially released in the end of 2012 as a digital download, but on June 2013 it was also printed in a Read more…

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CIRCSENA – Circsena (EP)

CIRCSENA - Circsena

Circsena is a new German post dark metal band from Norden, founded in 2011 by its two and only members, Daniel Kirchhoff (vocals, guitars, bass, synths) and Jens Wallis (drums, percussions). I am impressed by the presentation of the band, since they have published a full-color 8-page magazine in A4 size, with band biography and description of their concept, revealing also their future plans. The band has chosen the symbol of dryad, a creature half human and half tree, which Read more…

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SEA OF DISORDER – Sea of Disorder (EP)

SEA OF DISORDER - Sea of Disorder

A very interesting experimental post doom metal band comes from Salzburg, Austria. This two-men band was formed in the end of 2011, under the name Sea of Disorder, by Robert and Christian. They want to experiment with post rock, doom metal and atmospheric music and in 2012 they finished their debut 4-track EP, entitled “Sea of Disorder“. They signed a deal with the French label Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions and their album was physically released on March Read more…

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DÄMMERLICHT – Die Schönheit der Zeit (Demo)

DAMMERLICHT - Die Schonheit der Zeit

Dämmerlicht is a new post black metal band from Innsbruck, Austria. It is the personal project of Michael Jenewein, who is also in the folk black metal band Isengrin. Michael started Dämmerlicht in 2012, wanting to explore a more atmospheric musical path. On February 2013, he released via the French label Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions the debut demo of the band, entitled “Die Schönheit der Zeit“.

The demo contains only 4 songs, but it lasts over 28 Read more…

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