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PERIHELION – Nap Fele Néz (EP)


This 15-minute EP is the first release of Perihelion, but it’s not the first album of the band. Confused? Well, Perihelion is not actually a new band, but the continuation of Hungarian black death metal band Neokhrome under a new name. Neokhrome were formed back in 2001 and released 3 full-length albums, with the last one being “Perihelion” in 2012. They started as a death black metal band, redirecting their sound with each new release, concluding to a Read more…

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Barbarian folk metal band GOD (The Barbarian Horde) from Iasi, Romania are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a brand new EP “Zal Mox“. Those who have followed this cult band since 1994, know that each new release is actually a musical redirection for them! They started as an extreme grind metal band and through the years they experimented with melodic, atmospheric, Gothic and avant-garde black metal, with doom and death metal, as well as with pagan and epic Read more…

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ASA-NOIR – Fall of the Idols

ASA-NOIR - Fall of the Idols

Finnish symphonic epic dark metallers Asa-Noir from the town of Hämeenlinna have recently released their debut album “Fall of the Idols“. The band was originally formed 10 years ago, in 2004, inspired by Norwegian black metal. As more members joined them, new musical influences were added and slowly Asa-Noir’s sound changed, evolving into something more personal. The band self-released its first work, the 5-track EP “Reforming Heathen Origins” in 2011, and in the end of 2013 Read more…

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ROMUVOS – Romuvan Dainas

ROMUVOS - Romuvan Dainas

Romuvan Dainas” is the debut album of the one-man epic pagan folk metal band Romuvos from Lithuania. It is the personal project of Velnias, who was born in Lithuania and now resides in Israel. Through his music he wants to express his love and respect for the ancient culture and folklore of Lithuanians and Baltic peoples. The band’s debut album came out of nowhere and it was released by the German label No Colours Records in the end Read more…

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IRON WOODS – Iron Woods

IRON WOODS - Iron Woods

Brazilian epic pagan black metal band Iron Woods from São Paulo is back after many years of silence. The idea for the band was conceived in 2001 by Holykran and took flesh in 2002 when Guerriera Nox (drums) and Hammer (bass) joined him. As a trio the band released its debut full-length album “Ancient Faith” in 2004 and its second work “The Journey to the Paganism” in 2008, both self released. Now, 5 years later, they Read more…

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PRIMALFROST – Prosperous Visions

PRIMALFROST - Prosperous Visions

Canadian epic metal band Primalfrost from Toronto has just released its debut full-length album “Prosperous Visions“. Primalfrost was born in early 2012 as the personal project of Dean Paul Arnold, who composes and plays everything in the band. In September 2012 the band self-released the debut 5-track EP “Chapters of Time“, a 30-minutes long EP. Primalfrost signed to the Canadian label Maple Metal Records, who finally released the first full-length album of the band in early Read more…

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ADAVÄNT – A Light Cut Through the Void

ADAVANT - A Light Cut Through the Void

Adavänt is an epic folk metal band from Chandler, Arizona of USA that was formed in the end of 2007. After 2 demo EPs, this six-piece group self-released its impressive debut album “Tale Untold” in 2011. Their line-up has remained stable since then and they have gained a lot of experience and fame through the numerous live shows in their local scene. Finally, in the end of 2013 Adavänt return with their second full-length album entitled “A Read more…

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BUCOVINA – Sub Stele

BUCOVINA - Sub Stele

Epic pagan folk metallers Bucovina from Iasi, Romania are back with their second album. Formed back in 2000, Bucovina released their debut full-length album “Ceasul Aducerii-Aminte” in 2006. After 4 years, they released the 24-minute EP “Duh“, published by the band and Tara de Sus. On April of 2013 the single “Day Follows Day, Night Follows Night” was out and on October of the same year the band finally self released its second full-length Read more…

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