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Moss of Moonlight is a very interesting pagan folk black metal band from USA. They were formed in 2010 by their only permanent members, Cavan Wagner and Jenn Gruningen. Jenn and Cavan, who are married, originate from the Kitsap Peninsula and they currently live in Bellingham Washington. With the desire to portray the culture and environment of the Pacific Northwest, the bio-region known as Cascadia, their music is deeply inspired by the natural environment of this area. In 2012 they Read more…

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PROHOD – Hotarul Imbrelor

PROHOD - Hotarul Imbrelor

The recently formed atmospheric folk black metal band Prohod from Sibiu of Transylvania has just released its first work, the debut full-length album “Hotarul Imbrelor“. It was released via Totemic Forest Productions on May 27th 2013. There is no official biography for this Romanian band, but it seems they were formed around 2012, having 4 full-members and 2 session guitarists in their ranks.

Prohod is not an easy band to describe and categorize. They have a raw underground Read more…

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SAOR – Roots

SAOR - Roots

Back in 2006 a wonderful epic folk black metal project, Askival, was formed by its one and only member Andy Marshall from Scotland. After the release of the promising debut album “Eternity” in 2009, Andy announced the end of Askival to the great disappointment of his fans. Luckily on 2012 he started a new one-man-project under the name Àrsaidh and in 2013 the debut full-length album “Roots” was released via Darker Than Black Records. Soon after Read more…

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AETHERNAEUM – Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald

AETHERNAEUM - Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald

Last year, on April 2012, Alexander Paul Blake released his debut solo album, “Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter” under his own name. In 2013 his band returns, but this time with a complete line-up, a somehow different sound and a new band name, Aethernaeum. The debut full-length album of Aethernaeum is entitled “Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald” and it was released on April 19th 2013 via German label Einheit Produktionen.

Aethernaeum continue on the same nature inspired Read more…

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AHERUSIA – As I Cross the Seas of My Soul

AHERUSIA - As I Cross the Seas of My Soul

Aherusia’s second album was my most anticipated work for the last years! This Greek folk pagan black metal band was formed back in 1997 by Voreas Faethon and a complete different line-up. During this first period of their life they played many gigs in the Aegean islands and in 1999 they released the rare and hard to find EP “Whispers of Moon“. In 2000, they decided to take a long break, until 2004 when they were reborn with Read more…

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TROLLGASM – The Northern Winds (EP)

TROLLGASM - The Northern Winds

Trollgasm is an Australian folk black metal band from Dubbo. They were founded in 2008 by Tim (vocals, guitars, mandolin) as a solo project and released the demo “Ragnarok” in 2009. After that, the project was put one ice, but one year later it was resurrected as a full band and the second demo “Heineken” was out in 2010. Finally, in the end of April 2013, Trollgasm self-released their debut EP “The Northern Winds“, Read more…

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FESKARN – Raise Your Swords

FESKARN - Raise Your Swords

Feskarn is the solo project of Niklas Larsson from Uppsala, Sweden. Niklas began this Viking black metal band in 2010 and it was his first metal effort. Before Feskarn, he was experimenting with electronic music. “Raise Your Swords” is the first official work of the band and it’s a full-length album, released by the German label Pesttanz Klangschmiede in the end of 2012.

Raise Your Swords” is a short album, since its 8 songs are less Read more…

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ODRAEDIR – Troll’s Cave (EP)

ODRAEDIR - Trolls Cave

A new pagan folk metal band from Czech Republic has just released its first official work, the EP “Troll’s Cave“. The band was formed a few years ago and in 2011 released the 5-track demo EP “Pagan Forest“, where they played raw and somehow amateur underground folk pagan black metal. The songs though had some nice parts and I found their powerful guitars very interesting. Let’s see what their new work has to offer…

First of Read more…

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