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FOLKHEIM – Mapu Ñi Tiam

FOLKHEIM - Mapu Ni Tiam

Folkheim is an epic “ethnic” black metal band from Santiago Chile. They were born back in 2003 and the following year they released the demo “Touched be Thy Undisturbed Essence“. In 2006 their first official work, the EP “Pachakuti” was out as an independent release. Six more years passed until Folkheim decide in the summer of 2012 to release their debut album “Mapu Ñi Tiam” via the Chilean label Australis Records.

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DUR DABLA – Spered ar Broioù Kozh

DUR DABLA - Spered ar Broiou Kozh

French Celtic black metal is one of my beloved folk metal genres, so I was very pleased to listen to a new band of this genre. Dur Dabla come from Brest, Brittany, one of the western parts of France, bordering the Celtic Sea and Atlantic Ocean! The band was formed in 2007 and released its self-titled demo in 2010. In the end of December 2012, after several line-up changes, Dur Dabla finally released their debut full-length album.

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VALKNACHT – Chants de Guerre

VALKNACHT - Chants de Guerre

Heathen epic black metallers Valknacht from Quebek return with their first full-length album. This Canadian band was formed in 2005 by Thorleïf, the mastermind behind Valknacht. After many efforts, he gathered the right musicians and as a full band they released the album “When the Might of the Storm Becomes Mine” via the local label Les Productions Hérétiques. According to their biography they consider it as a demo! Anyway, two years later, in 2011, Valknacht released their officially Read more…

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CRYSTALMOORS – Circle of the Five Serpents

CRYSTALMOORS - Circle of the Five Serpents

CrystalMoors is a Spanish pagan metal band from Santander, Cantabria. They began in 1995 as a personal side-project of Erun-Dagoth, whose main band was Eldereon (ex-Moonshine). The early steps of CrystalMoors were closer to underground black metal. With the passing of time, the band got a full line-up and more Celtic folk influences were added to its sound. After three demos, they finally released their debut EP “The Unconquered Land” in 2003, followed 4 years later by the Read more…

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ZGARD – Spirit of Carpathian Sunset

ZGARD - Spirit of Carpathian Sunset

Spirit of Carpathian Sunset – Дух Карпатських Сутінків” is typically the debut album of Ukrainian folk pagan black metallers Zgard. This two-men’s band was formed in 2010 and inside January 2012 they released 2 full-length albums. The second one “Reclusion” was released as a solo album of Yaromysl (also in Goverla), while in this one Gutsul (also in Goverla) participated on wind instruments, vargan and percussion. All music and lyrics were again written by Yaromysl.

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DRAGOBRATH – WhisperHerbs

DRAGOBRATH - WhisperHerbs

Dragobrath was one of the many bands (Kroda, Capitollium, Leadhaze, among others) where Yulian Mytsyk (aka Viterzgir) participated, before he fully devotes himself to Viter. Actually Dragobrath was one of his solo-projects, since he only used some guest musicians in their albums, mostly in the vocals. This band was formed in 2004 and took its name from a mountain area in the Carpathians. Yulian used the nickname Synevir for Dragobrath and he released 3 full-length albums before “WhisperHerbsRead more…

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WAYLANDER – Kindred Spirits

WAYLANDER - Kindred Spirits

Legendary Irish folk metallers Waylander return with a new album, reclaiming their throne in the Celtic extreme metal scene. The band is almost 20 years active, but they had released only 3 full-length albums until now. Except for their first album “Reawakening Pride Once Lost“, a landmark in the genre, their next works were much less folk oriented. Their previous album “Honour Amongst Chaos” 4 years ago, revealed the will of the band to return to Read more…

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ALDA – :Tahoma:

ALDA - Tahoma

Alda is a very interesting band coming from Washington, USA. They were actually formed around 2003 by a group of friends sharing many common interests and ideologies, including their love for black metal and folk music, but they officially took their name in 2007. In 2009 they self-released a 3-track demo, whose songs were included in their debut full-length album “Alda” released on tape the same year by Singularity Publishing. It was limited to 50 hand numbered copies Read more…

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