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VALLORCH – Neverfade

VALLORCH - Neverfade

Venetian folk metallers Vallorch have just released their first full-length work. The band was formed in the end of 2010 by Marco, Massimo and Matteo with the ambition to marry traditional folk music and death metal. Soon enough 4 more members joined in, so they completed their line-up as a seven-piece band. On May 2012 they self released the 5-track EP “Stories of North” and signed to Moonlight Records in order to release their debut album “Neverfade Read more…

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A new folk metal band is rising from the ever growing Canadian metal scene. Trobar were founded in 2009 in Rimouski, Quebec by two ex-members of Tenebrae Symphonia. After completing their line-up with four more members, the band played some gigs and started preparing its debut work. The result is the 5-track EP “Vÿs“, released in the beginning of 2011.

Despite the fact it contains only 5 songs, the album lasts for over 27 minutes, so with one Read more…

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ALNE – Alne

ALNE - Alne

I was thinking about reviewing this album a few months now, but always hesitated to do so, since I didn’t know how to describe it, or what exactly I like in it! As you can guess we have to do with a special band, who’s sound is very personal, far from any cliches. Alne come from Poland and they consist of 4 members: their charismatic female singer Kasia and 3 members from the black metal band Non Opus Dei (Klimor Read more…

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FOLKENTROLL – Jester of Chaos

FOLKENTROLL - Jester of Chaos

FolkenTroll is a new folk metal band from Lecce, Italy. They were born in 2009 by Marco Carangelo (guitars) and Luca de Marco (bass). They soon completed their line-up and started composing their own songs, covering Korpiklaani songs and participating in many gigs. They soon decided to release their debut EP, choosing their best songs so far. So in 2011 they entered the studio as a six-piece band and released the mini CD “Jester of Chaos“.

The band Read more…

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ANDRASTE – The Secret Valley

ANDRASTE - The Secret Valley

Andraste is a new folk metal band from Manchester, England. They were formed by Coll and Jorund in 2008. Soon more musicians joined them, until the band got a full line-up. After two demos “Andraste” in 2009 and “Realm of the Supernatural” in 2010, the band felt ready to self-release its debut full-length album “The Secret Valley” in the end of 2011.

One thing is for sure: Andraste is not the typical folk metal Read more…

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DALRIADA – Napisten Hava

DALRIADA - Napisten Hava

Dalriada is undoubtedly the most well known, experienced and successful folk metal band from Hungary. They’ve been around since 1998 under the name Echo of Dalriada. After 2 full-length albums they changed their name to Dalriada. Since 2007 they released 3 more albums via Nail Records / Hammer Music and in 2011 they jumped into AFM Records for their 6th album “Ígéret“. On the end of September 2012 their seventh full length album “Napisten Hava” was Read more…

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BELLFAST – Insula Sacra

BELLFAST - Insula Sacra

Bellfast is a quite old band from Japan, but with very “poor” discography. They were formed back in 1993 by Shuji Matsumoto (bass), playing progressive hard rock with elements from Celtic music. In 1999 all members, except Shuji left the band, but he didn’t give up and with the help of many guest musicians recorded and released the mini album “Faraway Prayers” in 2001. After that, Bellfast was put on ice until 2006, when they were resurrected in Read more…

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HULDRE – Intet Menneskebarn

HULDRE - Intet Menneskebarn

Huldre is a new folk metal band coming from Copenhagen, Denmark that was officially formed in 2009, even if its roots are back in 2006. Their debut album is a pleasant surprise coming out of nowhere, since the band had only released a self-titled demo in 2010! “Intet Menneskebarn” is for sure one of the best folk metal albums I’ve listened so far in 2012 with an unbelievably mature and professional sound!!!

Looking at the band’s bio I Read more…

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