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VALTYR – Veriset Saagat

VALTYR - Veriset Saagat

Valtyr is the second personal project of Nartum from Bari, Italy. Nartum’s music projects started in 2008 with Ymir, a black metal band that evolved into space ambient black metal. With Ymir, Nartum released a demo in 2008 and his first album ever, “Tumults in the Absence” in 2010, which was re-released in digipak edition in 2013. Valtyr was formed in 2011, as a Viking black metal band, with which Nartum wanted to pay homage to bands like Read more…

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EMYN MUIL – Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

EMYN MUIL - Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

Emyn Muil is the third solo project of Nartum (Saverio Giove) from Bari, after Valtyr (Viking black metal) and Ymir (ambient black metal). As you can tell by its name, the band’s music is inspired by Tolkien (Emyn Muil was a maze of rocky crags in Middle-Earth) and this album is based exclusively on Tolkien’s book “The Children of Húrin“. Nartum was preparing this project a long time ago, but the band was officially formed and “named” in Read more…

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