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Sieghetnar and Uruk-Hai are two bands with many similarities. First of all they both belong in the generic ambient black metal genre. Sieghetnar is the personal project of Thorkraft from Germany and Uruk-Hai the personal project of Alex Wieser from Austria. Both bands have released many albums and re-released several of them in various editions. Back in 2010, Nordsturm Productions released a split album with 3 songs of each band, which I only recently got in my hands. I guess Read more…

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URUK-HAI – Cirith Ungol

URUK-HAI - Cirith Ungol

Uruk-Hai is the most known and for sure the most active band of Alexander “Hugin” Wieser. This over-productive Austrian musician from Linz is also the basic (and in many albums the only) member of many other bands, like Hrossharsgrani, Elisabetha, Eismond, Bonemachine, Hrefnesholt, Wach, Manwë and others… He started Uruk-Hai back in 1999, one year after the birth of his first band Hrossharsgrani. He released an ambient tape with Hrossharsgrani under the title “Uruk-Hai” and after some encouraging Read more…

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FORGOTTEN WINTER – Dialectica Transcendental

FORGOTTEN WINTER - Dialectica Transcendental

“Dialectica Transcendental” is the debut album of this new band from Portugal. Forgotten Winter begun in 2004 and last year (2008 ), after two demos and a split cd, they released under the label Nekrogoat Heresy Productions the EP “Infinitas Estruturas do Desconhecimento”. Based on the aforementioned works, someone couldn’t expect many things from the band.

Luckily enough, their debut album is much improved. They play symphonic black metal and they also have some ambient songs. Their music is Read more…

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