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CLAYMORE – Vengeance Is Near

CLAYMORE - Vengeance Is Near

Claymore seems to be a quite popular name among metal bands, since many have chosen it as their name. This particular Claymore, comes from Ruse, Bulgaria and plays finest symphonic black metal! They were formed back in 1999 and after several demos and gigs they became quite popular to the local fans with their unique melodic death/black metal. Finally, in 2008, the time for the debut full-length album did come, with the release of “Prolonged Active Antagonism” via Read more…

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ETHEREAL SIN – Millendium

ETHEREAL SIN - Millendium

It seems that 2013 has bean a very important year for Japanese elegiac black metallers Ethereal Sin from Tokyo. On 20th of February they released a re-recorded, rearranged, remixed and remastered edition of their debut full length album “The Abyss will Also Gaze into Thee: Ricordo” and on September 20th they released their second album “Millendium“. Ethereal Sin were formed back in 1997 by Yama Darkblaze and they have undergone countless line-up changes and several breaks. Read more…

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