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Brezno is a Slovenian epic symphonic folk metal band from Ljubljana. They started in 2007 and after some concerts in Slovenia and abroad, they released the 4-track EP “Viharnik” in 2010. With a refreshed line-up, including a new lead female singer, the band started working on its debut full-length album, entitled “Kri“, which was finally self-released by Brezno on November 21, 2014.       Read more…

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SALDUIE – Imbolc

SALDUIE - Imbolc

Spanish folk metallers Salduie have recently released their debut full-length album, entitled “Imbolc“. The band was formed in the summer of 2010 in Zaragoza with the intention to play Celtic folk metal, naming the biggest bands of this genre among their basic influences. They released the single “La Senda del Cierzo” in the end of 2013 and soon after they recorded their debut album, which was finally self-released on November 15th, 2014.        Read more…

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THULNAR – Nightfall in Theros (EP)

THULNAR - Nightfall in Theros

Italian extreme fantasy metallers Thulnar from Bologna have finally released their long-awaited new work. It is the debut EP “Nightfall in Theros“, which is actually their first “official” work, 11 years after the band’s foundation back in 2004. Thulnar is practically the personal project of Darken (Diego Vacchiano), who composes and plays all music. He always had the help of his friend Luca Piazzi aka “Elric Blackcrow”, who takes over the vocals (Luca also plays trumpet in Mors Read more…

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IAMÍ – Luz e Sombra

IAMI - Luz e Sombra

Iamí is a new band from Maringá of Brazil combining black metal with dungeon synth music. It is the personal project of Iamí, whose name means “night” in the ancient indigenous Tupi language. The band’s first release was the demo single “Crença Profana” that was out on July 2013. Finally on October 2014 Iamí self-released its debut full-length album, entitled “Luz e Sombra“, which translates to “Light and Shadow” in Brazilian – Portuguese.             Read more…

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FORGOTTEN LAND – Omnia Fert Aetas

FORGOTTEN LAND - Omnia Fert Aetas

Epic pagan Viking black metal band Forgotten Land from Cantù, Como of Italy is back five years after their debut album. Formed back in 2006 by Nordic Valkyrja, the band released its first demo “Ancient Tales from Forgotten Lands” in the beginning of 2008. Next year the band self-released its debut full-length album “In Regno Langobardorum“, a very decent work of epic pagan black metal with few folk elements. In 2012, their founding member and front-woman Read more…

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ASKRINN – Hjørleifsljóð

ASKRINN - Hjorleifsljod

French pagan black metal band Askrinn has recently released its amazing debut full-length album entitled “Hjørleifsljóð“. Askrinn (“The Ashtree” in Old Norse) is the personal project of Valenten, formed around 2011. His music is clearly influenced by Nordic pagan black metal, with the intention to evoke ancient Runic esotericism and forgotten Nordic lore. After the single “Fé Vældr Frænda Róge” in 2013, Askrinn worked on their debut album, which was finally self-released on November 14th, 2014.        Read more…

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Epic folk metal band NightCreepers from Conflans-Sainte-Honorine of France is back with its latest and most ambitious work “Hreid“. NightCreepers were initially formed in 2003, but after the failure of their first effort, they were reborn more seriously in 2006. Through the early years they suffered countless line-up changes and actually only one of the founding members remains until today, their guitarist and vocalist Haarath. The band released the EPs “Helgardh” in 2007 and “Towards Read more…

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DRENAÏ – Deathwalker

Livret Pages 12-1

Exactly one year after their beautiful demo EP “A Rising Thunder“, French folk metallers Drenaï are back with their debut full-length album. The band was founded in 2011 in Normandy, inspired by the fictional heroic world of the books of British author David Gemmell. Drenaï consist of 7 full members and they released their demo EP on October 5th of 2013. Finally, on October 10th 2014, their first album “Deathwalker” was out, self-released by the band.    Read more…

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