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MUNARHEIM – Nacht und Stürme Werden Licht

MUNARHEIM - Nacht und Sturme werden Licht

Finally, 7 years after their birth, Munarheim released their debut full-length album “Nacht und Stürme Werden Licht“, a masterpiece of melodic symphonic folk blackened metal! This German band was formed in 2007 and next year released the demo EP “Märe vom Abgesang der Welt“. In 2009 they self-released the EP “…und der Wind Sang“, which was re-released by Düsterwald Produktionen. The same year, the band’s composer, singer and guitarist Sebastian Braun formed together with Read more…

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Chile isn’t the most common origin of folk metal groups, so I was very interested in seeing what this new band with this weird name has to offer. Traucoholik were formed in 2010 and they come from the port city of Coquimbo. In 2012 they released the 4-track demo “Voyages of Myths and Hate” giving their fans a first taste of their music. In 2013 they released digitally their debut full-length album “Kalku” and on February Read more…

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GOTLAND – Gloria et Morte

GOTLAND - Gloria et Morte

Italian epic pagan black metal band Gotland from Torino, has just released its debut full-length album. The band was formed in 2007 and one year later they released their first EP “Gotland“. In 2010 they self released their second EP, entitled “Behind the Horizon“. Since their beginning, Gotland have undergone numerous line-up changes, something that has affected their sound. Finally, on February 15th 2014, they self-released their ambitious first full-length album “Gloria et Morte“.               Read more…

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TROLLWAR – Earthdawn Groves

TROLLWAR - Earthdawn Groves

Trollwar is a new Canadian folk metal band from Alma, Québec. The band was formed in March 2011 and few months later they released their first EP “Bloodshed Forges“. Thanks to the good feedback they got for this EP, the band appeared at many local gigs, surprising the underground Québecoise scene, especially with the use of accordion. After several line-up changes they started working on their debut full-length album “Earthdawn Groves” that was finally self-released on Read more…

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NINE TREASURES – Nine Treasures

NINE TREASURES - Nine Treasures

Chinese folk metallers Nine Treasures from Hulunbuir of Inner Mongolia have recently released their self-titled new work. This new band was formed in the end of 2010 with the ambition to present a unique version of folk metal, influenced by their local music tradition and culture. Two years later, in 2012, their debut album “十丈铜嘴 – Arvan Ald Guulin Hunshoor” was out via Mort Productions, making a great first impression, at least to those who listened to it! Read more…

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ADAVÄNT – A Light Cut Through the Void

ADAVANT - A Light Cut Through the Void

Adavänt is an epic folk metal band from Chandler, Arizona of USA that was formed in the end of 2007. After 2 demo EPs, this six-piece group self-released its impressive debut album “Tale Untold” in 2011. Their line-up has remained stable since then and they have gained a lot of experience and fame through the numerous live shows in their local scene. Finally, in the end of 2013 Adavänt return with their second full-length album entitled “A Read more…

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BUCOVINA – Sub Stele

BUCOVINA - Sub Stele

Epic pagan folk metallers Bucovina from Iasi, Romania are back with their second album. Formed back in 2000, Bucovina released their debut full-length album “Ceasul Aducerii-Aminte” in 2006. After 4 years, they released the 24-minute EP “Duh“, published by the band and Tara de Sus. On April of 2013 the single “Day Follows Day, Night Follows Night” was out and on October of the same year the band finally self released its second full-length Read more…

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ISHTAR – From the Gates (EP)

ISHTAR - From the Gates

Ishtar is a new French black death metal band from Paris that has recently released its first work, the 6-track EP “From the Gates“. The group, that names Dark Fortress as its basic influence, was formed in 2010 by Helheim (vocals) and Rokdhan (guitars). The 6-piece line-up (including 2 singers) was complete in 2012 and with this formation they recorded their debut EP. Later, the second vocalist left them and Ishtar continue now as a 5-piece band. ” Read more…

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