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Saman N and his atmospheric experimental black metal project Ekove Efrits is back with his newest masterpiece, the fourth full-length album “Nowhere“. This Iranian one man band from Tehran was formed back in 2001 and its first works were rooted in depressive black metal. The band has experimented a lot since its creation, something obvious in their debut album “Suicidal Rebirth” from 2008. The electronic / classical / trip-hop album “Hypermnesia” in 2010 opened Read more…

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Frigoris is a German pagan black metal band formed back in 2007 by Dominik Winter. After the demo “Morgenröte” in 2008 and several line-up changes, the band self-released its debut full-length album “Nach dem Krieg…” in 2010. The line-up changes never stopped for the band, but they didn’t give up. In the end of 2012 they signed a one-record deal with the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records and the South Korean label Misanthropic Art Productions, in Read more…

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NETRA – Sørbyen

NETRA - Soerbyen

Netra is the personal project of Steven Le Moan from France. He started this band in 2003 and after 2 demos he raised the interest of the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records. So, in the end of 2010 the debut album “Mélancolie Urbaine” was out, making quite an impression with its unusual blend of depressive black metal, jazz and trip-hop! Now, after 2 years in Norway, netra return with their second full-length album “Sørbyen“, a work Read more…

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EKOVE EFRITS – Conceptual Horizon

EKOVE EFRITS -Conceptual Horizon

Ekove Efrits has been a great discovery for me, since their beginning back in 2005. I have both their demos “Into the Funeral Witches” and “The Wraiths of Forgotten Forest” from 2006, where the band played raw melancholic black metal. It is actually the solo project of Saman N. aka Count De Efrit, who is composing and preforming everything in his albums. The fact that he is from Iran, a rather uncommon place for metal, raised Read more…

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