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OBSCURITY – Obscurity

OBSCURITY - Obscurity

Epic black death Viking metallers Obscurity from Velbert, Germany return with their sixth assault! The self titled album was released on October 2012, once again by Trollzorn / SMP Records, who also released their previous 2 works. Obscurity were born 16 years ago, on 1997 and between 2000 and 2010 they released 5 full-length albums, forging their personal sound. Their new album follows the same path with its predecessors, without any surprises or music redirection.

Obscurity” contains 11 Read more…

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FIRTAN – Wogen der Trauer

FIRTAN - Wogen der Trauer

A new pagan epic black metal band comes from Lörrach in Southern Germany. Firtan were formed in 2010 by 3 of its members. The line-up was complete in the end of 2010 and the band started working on its first demo, a demo that was never released though. Finally on January 19th 2013 the band will release its first work ever, the EP “Wogen der Trauer“.

The first thing I’d like to comment is the excellent sound, much Read more…

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BLACK MESSIAH – The Final Journey

BLACK MESSIAH - The Final Journey

Three years after the amazing “First War of the World” German epic folk black metallers Black Messiah are back with another brilliant work! “The Final Journey” is their 5th full-length album, 20 years after the band’s birth! Their debut album “Sceptre of Black Knowledge” in 1998, was quite different from their current style (closer to underground black metal) and with a totally different line-up. Since 2005 and their wonderful second album “Oath of Read more…

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Vinterforest is a German pagan black metal solo project formed in 2008 by Graishak. The demo Winterwald was released in 2009 and a 4-track promo in 2010. The full-length album “Aarstider” is the first official release for the band and it was out in 2012 by the Swiss label Black Tower Productions.

Vinterforest play underground pagan black metal, with many epic elements and a few folk touches. Their music is quite melodic and based mostly on the wonderful Read more…

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TIMOR ET TREMOR – Upon Bleak Grey Fields

TIMOR ET TREMOR - Upon Bleak Grey Fields

A new pagan black metal band rises from north Hessen in central Germany, formed in 2005 after the disbanding of black / death metal group Twilight Prophecies. Their homeland’s environment and history made them follow the pagan black metal genre. After line-up changes and some new members’ arrival the band released the demo “The Winding Path” in 2007. In 2009 the debut album “My Oaken Chest” was released online, followed by the 3-track EP “Towards Read more…

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Mixing opera with metal music has always been a very difficult and ambitious project. Many bands have given their own interpretation of the genre, proclaiming they have released the “ultimate” metal opera, hard rock opera, dark opera, etc. Well, in most cases the result is not that satisfying, because of lack of inspiration, inadequate technical skills, bad vocals, or unbalanced mix of the genres. Furthermore, most of them are consumed in a meaningless effort to impress!

Molllust is a new Read more…

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KLAMM – Wahnsee

KLAMM - Wahnsee

Klamm is a new German atmospheric black metal band, formed in 2005 by Simon and the first years was his solo project. He composed and recorded the band’s first demo “Frostfluss” that was released in 2008. Klamm finally got a complete line-up and on May 2012 they released their debut full-length album “Wahnsee” independently, without a label.

Wahnsee” is a very long album, containing 12 songs and 79 minutes of music. Their approach to Read more…

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SLARTIBARTFASS – Schwarz Verhüllt

SLARTIBARTFASS - Schwarz Verhullt

Slartibartfass is a German folk metal band formed in 2005. They began as a typical Viking black / death metal band, with a lot of synths. Their first album “Nordwind” was released in 2006 by Trollzorn, like their second one “Nebelheim” in 2007. The second album was better produced with less Finntroll influences. In 2009 they released “Funkenfeuer” via Ketzer Records and things became much better! Their music was more complex, expressive and theatrical, Read more…

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