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DE PROFUNDIS – This Winter in My Heart

DE PROFUNDIS - This Winter in My Heart

De profundis is a Hungarian atmospheric black metal band from Szombathely, formed back in 2000, by Yzokras and Zoltan, the band’s only members since then. Unluckily, due to personal reasons, the band split up in 2001. They decided to reunite 7 years later, in 2008 and released the 4-track demo “Haunted By Ill Angels Only” in 2010. In 2013 the demo plus one song was re-released as a split tape with the demo of another Hungarian black metal Read more…

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PERIHELION – Nap Fele Néz (EP)


This 15-minute EP is the first release of Perihelion, but it’s not the first album of the band. Confused? Well, Perihelion is not actually a new band, but the continuation of Hungarian black death metal band Neokhrome under a new name. Neokhrome were formed back in 2001 and released 3 full-length albums, with the last one being “Perihelion” in 2012. They started as a death black metal band, redirecting their sound with each new release, concluding to a Read more…

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WITCHER – Boszorkánytánc

WITCHER - Witchdance

WitcheR is a new atmospheric melodic black metal band from Hungary. They were formed in 2010, when Roland Neubauer (vocals, guitars, drum programming) and Karola Gere (keyboards) decided to join forces. They are the only band members since then and they have released several demos, many of which were re-released in various formats, an EP in 2012, as well as 2 split albums in 2012. Their second demo “Boszorkánytánc” was released in 2011 on tape and in 2012 Read more…

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NEOKHROME – Perihelion

NEOKHROME - Perihelion

Neokhrome is a rather unknown Hungarian band from Debrecen. They were formed in 2001, under the name Neochrome (with “c”, not “k” ) and released their debut album “Manifestation of the Forgotten Subconscious” in 2004. Three years later the second full-length album “Downfall / Collapse” was out. Both albums were released by Nail Records, but I never listened to them. Based on some online samples, these 2 works sounded like typical black death metal, but nothing Read more…

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DALRIADA – Napisten Hava

DALRIADA - Napisten Hava

Dalriada is undoubtedly the most well known, experienced and successful folk metal band from Hungary. They’ve been around since 1998 under the name Echo of Dalriada. After 2 full-length albums they changed their name to Dalriada. Since 2007 they released 3 more albums via Nail Records / Hammer Music and in 2011 they jumped into AFM Records for their 6th album “Ígéret“. On the end of September 2012 their seventh full length album “Napisten Hava” was Read more…

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NIBURTA – Scream from the East

NIBURTA - Scream from the East

There are times when I find it very difficult to review and rate a band. There are times though, where I don’t need more than a spin of the CD, or in Niburta’s case, more than a preview song from youtube in order to decide. Niburta come from Hungary and they just released a masterpiece, one of the best folk metal albums of this year. This nine-piece band was formed in 2009 under the name Tardos and after a while Read more…

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KERECSEN SÓLYOM – Aquileia Ostroma

KERECSENSOLYOM - Aquileia Ostroma

KerecsenSólyom is a Hungarian folk metal band that was formed in 2004. According to the band members the roots of their music is dated back to the ancient past. In 2008 they released the demo “Aquileia Ostroma (Siege of Aquileia)” on their own and 2 years later they re-recorded and released it officially with the label Nail Records as their debut album. At the time of the release there were seven members in the band, something that explains Read more…

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LEGENDA – Apám Nevében

LEGENDA – Apám Nevében

Another new underground pagan black metal band has just released it’s debut album. Legenda is from Hungary and they are the personal project of Kristóf Kovács. The band began in 2007 and recorded two demos in 2008 that were released next year in one CD-r entitled “Népem Szavával” by the Brazilian label Ordo Paganus! Finally in the end of 2010 they release their debut album with Eastside Records, hoping for a better distribution.

Just by looking at the Read more…

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