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Norwegian melodic black metalles Vinterbris from Bergen have recently released their new album “Solace“. They were formed in 2008 and released their first work in 2010, the EP “The Unrested“. Two years later the debut full-length album “Vinterbris” was out. Both these works were self-released. The band has also participated in several gigs, mostly in their country. In 2014 they signed to the new Portuguese label Nordavind Records, in order to release their second Read more…

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BLÅHØ – Through Sinister Nightfall

BLAHO - Through Sinister Nightfall

Norwegian black metallers Blåhø have just released a very promising and beautiful debut album! The band was formed in the beginning of 2008 by Anders and Mr.Dementia, while Disme joined them later this year. The band got finally a complete 6-member line-up, but after Mr.Dementia’s departure in 2010, the only permanent members are Anders and Disme, who work with session musicians since then. In the beginning of 2013 Blåhø finally self-released their debut album “Through Sinister Nightfall“.

Blåhø Read more…

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4 years after their wonderful debut album, Quadrivium return with their second masterpiece of avant-garde black metal. After the release of “Adversus” in 2008, the band started writing its second album. The composition process was complete in 2009, but they wanted to expand their line-up before the recording sessions. So “Methocha” was released 3 years later, in the end of November 2012, via Soulseller Records again.

Quadrivium play melodic avant-garde metal with some black metal elements. Read more…

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After their impressive comeback with “Ceremony of Ascension” in 2009, Wallachia return with their third full-length album. This Norwegian band was formed in 1995 by Lars Stavdal as his personal project. In the early years Lars played almost everything and his music was underground symphonic black metal. Since the previous work though, the band took a mainstream turn and in 2012, with a complete recording line-up, they offer us their most professional work so far, entitled “Shunya Read more…

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TROLLFEST – Brumlebassen

TROLLFEST - Brumlebassen

Trollfest are back with their new album, after last year’s “En Kvest for Den Hellige Gral”. If you don’t know the band, a look in the cover artwork will give you a first idea! They come from Norway and they were formed in 2004. They have already released 5 full-length albums in a very distinctive personal style, True Norwegian Balkan Metal. Their different and really unique music caught the interest of labels since their debut, so they released Read more…

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Einherjer need no introduction. This Norwegian band was formed back in 1993 and was one of the pioneers of viking metal. In their first works they had some black metal influences, which slowly disappeared with the passing of time. With the albums “Norwegian Native Art” in 2000 and “Blot” in 2003 (their best album in my opinion) Einherjer seemed to have found a more solid ground, building a very unique, personal and characteristic sound, but in Read more…

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Three years after their previous effort, Kampfar return with their 5th full-legth album “Mare”. The Norwegian pagan black metallers seem to be in their second youth, after the 7-year break between 1999 and 2006, offering us their 3rd work the last 5 years. And if their previous albums “Kvass” and “Heimgang” were very close to their first works, “Mare” sounds quite different in my ears…

The album starts with a Read more…

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TROLLFEST – En Kvest for Den Hellige Gral

TROLLFEST – En Kvest for Den Hellige Gral

This “gang of trolls” from Norway returns with its fourth full-length album. Two years after “Villanden”, their new work is out, continuing where the previous one ended: “True Norwegian Balkan Metal”, as the band defines its music. They are already 8 years old and after 3 great albums they signed a deal with NoiseArt Records to release their latest effort.

Trollfest have a very unique sound. They play folk extreme metal in a very happy mood and fast Read more…

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